Enable Integrated Security property

It allows establishing whether or not the generated application will manage security using GeneXus Access Manager. This property is at version level.


False Security will not be enforced. This is the default value.
True Security will be enforced.



If security is enabled, the following considerations should be taken into account:

  • A new datastore will be created, named GAM. The default DBMS for GAM datastore is the same DBMS as the reorg datastore. The reorg datastore connection properties will be inherited by the GAM datastore also. In case of SQL Server, GAM database will be the same as the reorg datastore, with a different Database Schema (named "gam").
    In case of Mysql, the database name of GAM datastore will be <reorg_datastore_dbname>_gam (as it doesn't support database schemas). In case of Oracle and Informix database, GeneXus does not set any default value for Database Name, the user has to set this value.
  • GeneXus will start to create Permissions (according to the value of the Integrated Security Level Property).
  • The generated code will start to interact with GeneXus Access Manager in order to solve Authentication and Authorization issues.
  • A set of external objects (GAM API) and objects which are part of GAM Examples Library folder are imported in the knowledge base.

Note: When the property value is changed, a Rebuild All must be performed in order to apply the change to all objects. See GAM Activation Process for more details on this topic.

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