WorkflowFilter Data Type

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In this object, you specify the values to filter the objects loaded in the collections.


Property Type Access Description
User WorkflowUser Read/Write User
Role WorkflowRole Read/Write Role
Restriction (Deprecated) WorkflowRestriction Read/Write Restriction
State Character Read/Write State
ProcessDefinition WorkflowProcessDefinition Read/Write Process Definition
ProcessInstance WorkflowProcessInstance Read/Write Process Instance
Activity WorkflowActivity Read/Write Activity
Subject Character Read/Write Subject
Priority Numeric (WorkflowPriority) Read/Write Priority
From DateTime Read/Write Starting date
To DateTime Read/Write Ending date
CreatedFrom DateTime Read/Write Start creation date 
CreatedTo DateTime Read/Write End creation date 
EndedFrom DateTime Read/Write Start date of completion
EndedTo DateTime Read/Write End date of completion
Name Character Read/Write Name
EventType Numeric (WorkflowEventType) Read/Write Event Type
ObjectType Numeric (WorkflowObjectType) Read/Write Type of object
DocumentDefinition WorkflowDocumentDefinition Read/Write Document Definition
WithWarning WorkflowBoolean Read/Write With Warning
OrganizationalUnitDefinition WorkflowOrganizationalUnitDefinition Read/Write Org. Unit Definition
OrganizationalUnit WorkflowOrganizationalUnit Read/Write Org. Unit
Search WorkFlowText Read/Write Search



  • Clear

This method allows initializing the value of the filter properties.
Clear ()

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