Validation Failed Message property

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Allows you to specify the error message that the end user of the generated application will see if the value range or regular expression validation fails.


This property is not available when the attribute is a formula.

This property is dependent either on the Value Range property or the Regular Expression property (one or the other), and its default value is calculated as follows:

  • If the Value Range range has a “Field %1 is out of range.” value (the GXSPC_OutOfRange translation key).
  • If the Regular Expression has a “Field %1 does not match the specified pattern.” value (the GXM_DoesNotMatchRegExp translation key).

where the attribute's Description property substitutes %1.


The property is inherited from whatever domain or attribute the attribute or variable is based on (if any). The value can't be modified in this case.


Objects: Domain
Controls: Attribute/Variable

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