GeneXus X Evolution 1: Team Development

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In GeneXus X Evolution 1, both team development features and support for merging updates between Knowledge base versions have been greatly improved. In that spirit we are introducing a new GeneXus product - GeneXus Server - and a new GeneXus feature - Change Defender - which will deliver you benefits in all team development areas.

Developing in Teams with GeneXus Server

Having a central Knowledge Base managed by a GXserver, any authorized developer can, from within his standalone development environment, post changes and receive changes from other developers. Key benefits of this approach are:

  • Your business knowledge in centrally stored.
  • You are continously integrated with the team and fully aware of the changes that happen in the Knowledge Base.
  • Collaboration in geographically distributed teams is greatly simplified.

GeneXus Server also comes with a Web UI that lets you browse the Knowledge bases, their versions and objects and properties, search for something in them, view  changes (commits, checkouts) history in detail and manage authentication.

GXserver UI is available in English, Japanese, Portuguese or Spanish. Try it at free at

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Get Updates of your products

Change Defender is a feature that lets you get updates of your product easily. Your ISV may have sold you a product and its associated KB at version 1.0. Over time you made changes to the KB for the purpose of customization, and are now (let's say) in version 2.3. But not only you, but also your ISV followed up developing improvements, and you want now to update to his version 4.5. The Change Defender will help you you merge his improvements into your KB without losing your own changes!

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Update, Merge changes from one version to another

You may have many versions in your Knowledge Base and want to update version 1.1 with a fix you did in the trunk or in version 2.0. A version comparer and automatic merging algorithms will help you do this.