GeneXus X Evolution 1: Completeness

Unofficial Content

GeneXus X Evolution 1 adds GUI and text generators to GeneXus X.


GUI and text forms have been added, enabling development of applications that run on iSeries, GUI platforms (Windows, Linux, Mobile). That completes the list of platforms supported on GeneXus 9.0.

Remember that your Web applications now also will work on any device: Web Mobile Applications

Read more about GeneXus X Windows applications (Evolution 1 and Evolution 2)


Work Panels, Menu Bars, Menus and Text Mode Reports have been added.


Support for the following generators have been added:

Combining plaftorms and generators

You may have GUI objects and also web objects in your Knowledge Base, each called by different main objects. You can have many generators set up in the same environment also, and associate any of them to the main objects. The main and the called objects will then be generated by the generator you have selected.

You can also reorganize with RPG, for example, and generate the rest of your application with, lets say, Java. So you can reorganize with one generator and generate your application with another. Only one of the generators set up in your environment can be the one that generates the reorganization.

As you can see, a huge effort has been made to deliver a very complete version in order to not be disruptive.
Anyway, there is a small list of things that have not been implemented yet in Evolution 1.