GeneXus X Evolution 1 Overview

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GeneXus X Evolution 1 is a complete GeneXus version that makes team development easy, drives developer experience to a higher level and makes you proud of the Enterprise Level Applications you create.

Main features in these areas are as follows:

Team Development

  • GeneXus Server, a brand new product.

GeneXus Server's (GXserver) focus is on making team development integration easy. It provides safe, well known and easy to use team development integration mechanisms. GXserver manages a centralized copy of your Knowledge Bases. Developers work off-line, send their changes when done and receive changes from other developers when needed through GXserver. No third parties required.

Knowledge Bases managed by GXserver can be browsed using any internet browser as far as you have enough right to do it. You can also manage security and audit activity on any Knowledge Base.

  • Change Defender, a brand new technology and related tools intended to easy the distribution and integration of new software versions to existing customized ones.

Using Change Defender you, as a Software House (SH), can distribute newer versions of your software to your customers and they will be able to receive them without loosing their customizations. Change Defender will combine SH and Customer changes using a smart three-way merge algorithm.


Developer Experience

  • Faster development cycle: most development tasks are faster due to code optimizations and parallel processing.
  • Largest Knowledge Bases: the total number of attributes, objects, versions, etc. has been raised.

  • Business Process Management: We've added BPMN support, a complete Workflow API and independent Workflow Components that give you more power to model and to build.

  • It's the first code generator with an integrated Debugger!

  • Business Intelligence: You can reuse your Data Providers to load the Query Viewer control. Query objects support more formulas and functions, expressions and aggregate formulas.

  • New ideas on how to make you develop faster, we've emphasized on usability.

  • Version Management: Compare KB Versions and revert the status of one to another.

Entreprise Level Applications

  • Full Web 2.0: A new Visualization Library based on Google services, Custom Grids, a Media Player and a new Query Viewer Control provide Pivot capabilities in Web Applications.

  • BPMN support lets your applications follow processes managed by an engine that follows standards accepted by the whole BPM community, lets your applications be world class level ones.

  • Web on any device: Web mobile features and patterns

  • GUID Data type added (even on DBMSes that don't support it yet)

  • HTTP Traffic optimizations

  • Performance optimizations in all areas: Web and Ajax, business logic and Data Access.


  • More then just Web, but also GUI (WIN), TEXT and Windows Mobile

  • More then just Java,.NET, Ruby, but also RPG/400, COBOL/400, .NET Mobile and Visual Foxpro

  • More then just Web Objects, but also Work Panels, Menu Bars, Menus, Text Mode Reports