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This control shows an organizational chart that support selection.


The user control is really simple, you just need to set one property in order to get the control working: the VisualizationData property.

Show a simple chart to illustrate a hierarchical model of an organization

  • Drag and drop OrganizationalChart.
  • Assign to VisualizationData property a variable based on OrganizationalChart data type (this SDT is automatically imported when dropping the control to the web form).
  • Load the information that will be shown by the chart using the previous mentioned variable.
Sub 'LoadOrganizationalChart'
  &item.Text = "John"
  &item.Tooltip = "Tooltip for John"

  &item = new()
  &item.Text = "Steve"

  &item = new()
  &item.Text = "Paul"

  &item = new()
  &item.Text = "Aaron"
  organizationalChart1.Reload = true


Note: &item is based on OrganizationalChartSDT.OrganizationalChartItem and &list is based on OrganizationalChartSDT (this SDT is also automatically imported when dropping the control to a web form).


Handling events

As we mentioned before, Organizational Chart Control is an interactive chart. That is, when clicking on an item, a GeneXus event wil be fired.

Event organizationalChart1.Selected

Implementation details

Organizational Chart Control is based on Google Organizational Chart.

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