This document refers to an older version. GeneXus 16 is our latest version.

GeneXus Log

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It's possible to trace GeneXus activity by editing the genexus.exe.config located under GeneXus installation directory, and changing the value "OFF" of  this line

<log4net threshold="OFF">

The new values must be: <log4net threshold="ALL">  and for the root tag must be  <level value="ALL" />

The following levels are defined in order of increasing priority:

  • ALL
  • INFO
  • WARN
  • OFF

You must re-start GeneXus after the file was modified. The file "GXLogging.log" is created under the user floder and %APPDATA%\Artech\Genexus\<GXVersion>\GXLogging.log, for example:



Before GeneXus X Evolution 2 U4, the file "GXLogging.log" is created under GeneXus installation directory. As of GeneXus X Evolution 3, the path can be configured, see GeneXus Log

To enable tracing in GeneXus Server please check here.

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