Sites built on GeneXus Technology (X or X Evolution 1)

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These are sites or applications, you can browse (are public - in production), donde with GeneXus X or GeneXus X Evolution 1.

GX2 Technología

MundoBasquet (by

Portal da Transparência

La Valenziana (by

Warner Music (by

Universal Music (by

Punto Compras (by

ZetaCuentas (by
...your finances online

Buenos Aires Users Group (by Paulo Sapuppo)

App BVFinance (by Vrban)

nited Nations - Argentina (by Jobum)

Arte Quadros - Brazil

Expresate Ya! - (by Daniel Monza)

Time Manager (GeneXus X Evolution 1 + K2BTools 4) (by LegadoIT)

Job Manager (GeneXus X Evolution 1 + K2BTools 4) (by LegadoIT)

GeneXus marketplace (GeneXus X Evolution 1) (by Artech)

GeneXus International Meeting (GXportal + GeneXus X Evolution 1) (by Artech)

Applications: http://www.gxwiki.comthis wiki
Information: It is a wiki done with GeneXus. The page you are reading is hosted in a gxwiki installation.

Building Applications Together!


Public GeneXus Server (by Artech)

It Cognitum page (by It Cognitum SRL)

Aqui No Acre (by Luciano Topolniak)