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At present, the success of mobile solutions is a reality, as there are solutions that use this technology for a wide range of purposes, from automating the checking of cars for a rental company up to the entering of orders by sales representatives directly in the clients' offices.

Version 8.0 of GeneXus included the first GeneXus generator for mobile devices. It generated Embedded Visual Basic (a light version of Visual Basic 6.0) and the database was Compact Data Base (a light version of MDB). Even though this solution was useful, the technology has evolved and GeneXus has evolved with it. Thus, the Net Mobile generator based on Microsoft technology was released with version 9.0 of GeneXus. This generator makes it possible to develop mobile solutions for devices running Windows CE that access a local database (SQL Server CE), a remote database (SQL Server 2000), or even services (webservices). The solutions implemented can be connected, disconnected or mixed. 

Depending on each case, it will be possible to implement a mobile module or directly convert a part of the application that used to be "fixed" into a mobile solution.

You can read more about the development of this type of solutions here.

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