Access Denied when using remote licenses - Solution

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When remote licenses are used to execute GeneXus, with a GeneXus Protection Server, usually an Access Denied error appears.

The complete error message is Error calling to remote protection, using <ServerName> server : 0x80070005 - Access is denied


One cause of the problem can be a Windows Firewall enabled in the client PC, but most of the times the error continues after shutting down the firewall.

The solution for this problem is to give DCOM Remote Access permissions to the Anonymous Logon user in the client PC.

The procedure to do this is :

  • Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Component Services
  • On the tree in the left side, go to Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer, right button click ans select Properties


  • Go to COM Security tab and in the Access Permission section press Edit Limits ... button


  • Then add Remote Access permissions to the Anonymous Logon user. If this user is not present on the list, it have to be manually added (by default the user exists but only have Local Access permissions granted)


This procedure solves the problem in almost all cases, specially in new PC with Windows defalult security settings applied.

On the other hand, the problem may continue appearing due to network permissions problems, locked ports, etc., there are other detailed procedures documented here.