ShowAllValues Property

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This property sets whether the attributes values returned will be all the attribute values from the database or just the values from the joined tables.


False: The records from the associated table are shown (default value).
True: All the records from the master table are shown.

Default: False


When creating queries using attributes with at least two tables, the values returned correspond to joined tables; this behavior is set using the ShowAllValues property. For example, the following query collects information from Customers and related Invoices.

Show All Values for Query 01

The default result is the following:

Show All Values for Query 03

If you want All values from the Customer Name attribute, you will need to change the ShowAllValues property to true in the query element definition. The new result is:

Show All Values for Query 02

Notice how in this case all the Customers are shown, those with and those without Invoices.



Objects: Query
Languages: .NET, Ruby (up to GeneXus X Evolution 3), Java