EndOfMonth Method

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Returns the last date of the month of the given date.


date-expression | datetime-expression.EndOfMonth()

Type Returned:


Returns the last Date of the month in the data type received; that is, when the type received is date it returns a date value and when the type received is datetime it returns a datetime.


&Var = &Birthday.EndOfMonth()
// where &Birthday: 08/28/2009 
Result: 08/31/09
&DateTo = &DateFrom.EndOfMonth()
&WarningMessage = 'Warning: end of month is ' + DtoC(&DateTo)


Objects: Procedures, Transactions, Web PanelsWork Panels
Languages: .NET, Ruby (up to GeneXus X Evolution 3), Java, RPG, Visual FoxPro (up to GeneXus X Evolution 3)

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