Condition Procedure

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It defines which paths are to be followed using a procedure. It is necessary to define the value of each edge and based on what the procedure returns; the process will follow one or more conditional routes.


The procedure associated to a conditional must have the following parm rule:

parm( in:&WorkflowProcessDefinition, in:&WorkflowProcessInstance, in:&WorkflowWorkitem, out:&conditionCode)


&WorkflowProcessDefinition is a WorkflowProcessDefinition data type variable

&WorkflowProcessInstance is a WorkflowProcessInstance data type variable

&WorkflowWorkitem is a WorkflowWorkitem data type variable

&conditionCode Numeric(4) variable. If the conditional procedure is assigned to a Conditional Sequence Flow Connector, this value is restricted to 0 or 1 (False or True).


Given a car rental process, it is specified which car brand you want to rent. Then it is evaluated by a procedure, if the mark is AUDI or CHEVROLET and the process corresponding to each brand will continue the execution.