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Forms are one of the most common ways of interacting with the user in business applications: checkout processes, registrations, input of entity data, or any other task that requires the input of information and eventually operations on that information. When the data and data structure are known at design time, the User Interface can be created at design time but, what happens when the data to manipulate and their actions are known at runtime?
In this case we need a way to edit these data using the Form pattern and this is where the Dynamic Form User Control appears.


Its purpose is to enable the dynamic creation of forms in order to edit a set of properties.

The user drags the Dynamic Form Control to the screen, indicates an input (SDT) that will be a set of properties to edit, and then at runtime the control will create a form to richly edit these properties


For more detailed information about the Dynamic Form User Control, we suggest that you read about the following items:

• Structure
• Controls
• Actions
• Rules

• Use Cases

Download from GeneXus Marketplace.

See it in action here.

Download sample from here:

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