Column in table doesnt exist

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Executing a reorganization the following error could be displayed:

An error was found in the database schema verification process.
Column <attname> in table <tablename> doesnt exist
The reorganization process was not successfully completed.


Scope: All DBMS

The error indicates that the 'attname' attribute to be reorganized and referenced in the message, doesn't exist in the table on which the reorg is being executed. This may happen because:

  • The attribute was manually deleted from the table to which it belonged.
  • The attribute was deleted by another reorg previously executed. 

Solution 1: When the attribute is included in the DB backup.

  1. Restore the database.
  2. Manually verify that the attribute in question (attname) is present in the associated table.
  3. If so, rerun the reorg.

 Solution 2: When the attribute is not found in the DB copy.

  • Make sure that the reorg is necessary (if this was the only change that caused its execution, it may no longer be necessary).
  • If the reorg is necessary, access the attribute externally in the corresponding table.
  • Rerun the reorg.