GeneXus X Evolution 1 Upgrade #4 PreviewUnofficial Content


12/23/2010 - Genexus X Evolution 1 Upgrade #4 has been released!

Thank you very much for your help testing its previews


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Compatibility Note: This upgrade 4 of GX Xev1 requires MS .Net Framework 3.5 SP1

Preview #6 (Build 38483)

Released: 12/21/2010


Fixed Issues

  • Refresh event after a redirect  (ie: call to a http procedure) was not triggered

Preview #5 (Build 38228)

Released: 12/16/2010

Fixed Issues

  • SAC 29675 (gxserver) - Commit cannot be done if the object were modified in the Server, but is the same as the last time that was synchronized
  • Query is not working for java environments with a package name
  • Net Assembly Import - Error  imporiting a dll with references: cannot resolve dependency to assembly.

Preview #4 (Build 38223)

Released: 12/13/2010

Fixed Issues

  • Postgresql Reorg failed when converting flow90 or flowX to Xev1
  • SAC# 29610 - Error System.ObjectDisposedException .Net Mobile
  • Prompt image in grid get foco with tab
  • SAC# 28860 - Grilla en webpanel contenedor no es recargada si se dispara algún evento dentro de un webcomponent
  • SAC# 28929 - No se mapean los datos relevantes entre proceso y subproceso
  • SAC# 24836 - Error de class not found al ejecutar una trn con una redundancia

Preview #3 (Build 37885)

Released: 12/01/2010

Fixed issues

  • SAC# 29470 - Falla la reorg al borrar un atributo de una tabla en SQL SERVER 2008
  • SAC# 29519 - No se visualizan imágenes en los objetos cuando se convierten KBs de versión 9.0 a versión XEv1.
  • SAC# 29196 - Transaccion con regla que tiene un parametro SDT, da error de javascript
  • Error calling workflow tasks when using the API
  • SAC# 28860 - Grilla en webpanel contenedor no es recargada si se dispara algún evento dentro de un webcomponent
  • Japaneese texts in workflow clients
  • GetString method of   web Components did not work
  • SAC# 29547 - Campo "Server name" en dialogo de "Create Knowledge Base" se tranca por varios segundos cuando se apreta una letra
  • Problem with IsPassword and enable properties

Preview #2 (Build 37442)

Released: 11/19/2010

Fixed issues

  • Problems with focus and isvalid in web panels
  • F5 (Build) without startup object compile all mains
  • SAC# 29288 - Error "Incorrect syntax near 0x07c9" to make the preview of a Query in Ruby.
  • SAC# 29312 - The WAR Deployment (Java generator) is not including the references to the Query object files in the web.xml
  • SAC# 29449 - Query Viewer decimal values appear multiplied by 10000 when loading from a Data Provider.
  • SAC# 29457 - Empty Date and DateTime attributes are displayed 01/01/1953 or 01/01/2001 in the Query.
  • SAC# 29484 - QueryViewer: it does not infer numeric data type with decimal attributes in the Pivot Table when loading from a Data Provider.
  • SAC# 29443 - Rules for checkbox and radiobutton are not triggered in chrome
  • SAC# 29455 - user workflow tasks are showed filtered by Organizational Unit
  • SAC# 28971 - Problems with stored procedures with parameters
  • SAC# 28180 - Default java environment properties for tomcat 64 bits are not initialized
  • SAC# 28038 - Messages in gxflow client are not visualized
  • SAC# 28717 - Problems with Picture of formulas attributes
  • Problems with web components with parameters when executing user events
  • Problems with numeric variable with picture ZZ,ZZZ,ZZ9 and 8 digits

Preview #1 (Build 36977)

Released: 11/09/2010