Geolocation domain

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The Geolocation domain is a data type that allows managing geographic information in terms of latitude and longitude.

A variable or attribute based on this domain accepts latitude/longitude coordinates as character input. 


&varGeolocation = "-36.123 , -57.235"

Where VarGeolocation is defined as


In View mode, when the selector displayed is selected with a tap, it allows you to jump to a map indicating the location given by the coordinates with a pin.

Sample in View Mode                                     Sample after tapping

SD - GeoLocation Domain Edit Sample SD - GeoLocation Domain View Sample


  • Android: In order to show the map in View Mode on Android (compiled) application, you must have an API Key from Google. See HowTo: Get an API Key from Google.
    In order to work properly, it highly probably should be enable more than one API, for this Key: For Example.: Maps Javascript Api, Maps static Api, Geocoding Api, Geolocation Api are common uses
    This is not requiered when using KBN.