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Schedule an Event, invite your friends to it.


GeneXus Events, Meetings happen all around the world during the whole year. Artech, Distributors and even Users organize them.

You can download the SD apps to your device from Google Play

The Android app is not available at that URL but also on the Android Market, we suggest downloading it from there. Search for 'GeneXus Events' and install it.

Technical Details

This sample shows:

- Layout: Take a look how GeneXusEvents (General.View) is designed

- Events are grouped by Country

- Method Schedule of Calendar used to Schedule an Event in an Action of the Detail of an WorkWithDevicesEvt

- Method SendMessage of Interop used to Invite a friend in an Action of the Detail of an WorkWithDevicesEvt

- Actions Schedule and Invite a Friend are High Priority ones so that the user don't need to clic on Menu to execute them.

Some screenshots



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