BlackBerry - FAQ and Common Issues

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Which BlackBerry version is supported?

Any with OS versions between 4.6.1 and 7.1.

Are there plans to support BlackBerry 10 or higher?

No, there aren't. But you may get Android platform apps running on it. Read or

Which connection types are supported?

Currently there is no way to specify which connection use or ignore.

BlackBerry Client will try to connect using the following order:

  1. Wifi
  2. BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server)
  3. BIS-B 
  4. WAP
  5. Direct TCP (device configured APN)

What Files are Generated and where?

All the necessary files to deploy the application are generated under the "deploy" folder, in blackberry mobile folder in the KB (eg. <KB>\ <MODEL> \ mobile\blackberry\deploy ). There you will find two sets of files: the "standard" and the "web" files. The first will be necessary to deploy via Desktop and App World and the second one for "OTA" deployment.

In those folders the ".cod", ".jad" and ".alx" files are generated.

BlackBerry Devices work with ".cod files", which means ".cod" files are the executable (or library) files of your application (just like .jar files on j2ME). 

Both ".jad" and ".alx" files contain information about the application (name, description, vendor, version, etc) and the references to the different ".cod" files. The difference is that an ".alx" presents the information in an XML, while ".jad" file is a plain text file.

What does Command Line Error- BlackBerry 9800 Simulator Bad Value "8900" for option /handheld mean?

This error has the following Message Box:

It is caused by the "BlackBerry Simulator" property from the Smart Devices Generator which has a wrong value.

It assumes that the version of the simulator is 8900, but the correct value is 9800 according to the installed simulator.

To change the simulator check: Select different BlackBerry simulators