Full Grammar specificationUnofficial Content

Something I always wonder:

Is there a complete grammar definition for the script language used in transaction / procedure/ webforms etc. ?

Since I can't find such documentations, I'm not sure what I can or can not do with genexus.

Just for example, how do I write a string literal? Is there any escape characters? Is single-quote equal to double-quote? etc.

Of course for this question I can try and find out the result by myself,

but there are also many complicated cases, that one can not just figure out by guessing / trying.

Although it seems many people are writting programs *Intuitively*. I don't think it's a good practise.

Every language has a syntax table, so I guess genexus has one too.

(If not I really want to know how the parser is implemented.)

So why not put it here, to help the developers?