GXjsGantt User Control

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Control Description

This control allows you to view Gantt charts, like this:



Using the control

Drag the control from toolbox and drop it into a web panel. This will automatically import 2 Genexus Objects:

  • jsGanttProvider: a sample collection of tasks.
  • jsGanttTask: SDT object that represents a single Task.

Genexus also adds a sample code to test:

Sub 'GanttSample'
       &DataJsGanttTask = jsGanttProvider.udp()
End sub
Note that &DataJsGanttTask is a jsGanttTask type variable and is marked as a collection (collection of tasks). A task is defined as a set of the following attributes:
  • pID:Task Id Value
  • pName:Task Name
  • pStart:Start Date
  • pEnd:End Date
  • pColor:Task Bar RGB Value. Hexa notation is used. Ex.: FF0000
  • pLink:Task URL. Open this link when user click on the task bar
  • pMile:This task is a Milestone? (1=yes; 0=no)
  • pRes:Resource Name to perform the task
  • pComp:Percent Complete
  • pGroup:Is a task group? (1=yes, 0=no)
  • pParent:Task Parent value (based on pID)
  • pOpen:Open Status
  • pDepend:Comma Separated Task Ids Depends on
  • pCaption:Task Caption
This subroutine can be called from Start Event:
Event Start
	do 'GanttSample'
End Event

Control Properties

  • Width:set Gantt width
  • Height:set Gantt Height
  • Responsible:Hide or show the Task Responsible
  • Duration:Hide or show the Task Duration
  • Caption Type:Defines information to be displayed besides the Task
  • StartDate:Hide or show Task Start Date
  • EndDate:Hide or show Task End Date 
  • Control Name:Name used to sets control properties at execution time. Ex.: gxJsGantt1.Width = 400
  • Dates:There are 3 types of format dates available. The format dates is used for Input Dates and Display Dates.
  • DataBinding:Genexus Variable to binds a task collection.

Credits and License Information

This user control is adapted from original jsGantt (www.jsgantt.com). JsGantt is a 100% FREE javascript and is released under BSD License.

To download this user control: http://marketplace.genexus.com/viewproductversion.aspx?125,1,0,0,