HowTo: Using PlayVideo from Interop in SDApi for Smart Devices

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This article will show you how to use this method in a Smart Device Application.

The following transaction with the Work With for Smart Devices pattern applied is going to be used.


Important: In this sample, Video is a Domain based on URL Domain. It is NOT the standard Video data type.


The method PlayVideo from Interop expects the following parameter/s:


Let´s define a button on our WWSD which will let us watch a Video.

1. Select the general section node.

Add the action:


2. Ater the Action is added to our tree of actions we will have to add the behavior we need. To do so, first double-click on the action. That will take you to the event for that action.
In the event, we will call the method play Video from the External Object Interop and will pass a parameter. In this case, we have an attribute with the domain video, which is a URL data type so we have to send that attribute as a parameter.

Event 'Play'


Lastly add this action into de Application Bar on the View mode of the Section General.








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