WWSD Pattern instance for Single-level Transactions

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Supposing a Property Transaction with the following attributes:
Single-level - Transaction

When the Work With for Smart Devices pattern is applied, the following instance, associated with the Property Transaction, is generated:
Single-level - Pattern instance

The default instance of the Work With for Smart Devices associated with a transaction includes a tree showing the Level (Property) node, and within it:

  • List Node
    For displaying a list of Properties.
  • Detail Node
    For displaying the detail of each Property when selecting a record from the List.

The List Node allows designing how the item's list will be displayed on the Smart Device screen. By default, this node only includes a Grid control with a subset of Transaction's attributes, which includes an image-based attribute if it has one and the description attribute (marked with image_2017121514051_1_png icon on the Transaction). Also, this Grid control has Default Action property with <default> value that will open the Detail node for the record tapped by the end-user. The developer can include another kind of content (e.g. TextBlocks, Images, etc.) if it desired.

Single-level - List

The Detail Node includes a Section (General), a Section that shows all data relative to the record selected from the List Node.

Single-level - Detail

Single-level - Section

The Section(General) node includes:

  • View mode
    Allows viewing detailed information on the record selected from the List.
  • Edit mode
    The screen that will be shown upon selecting the Insert action from List or Update from the View, of the record from the Smart Device.


  • In this type of application, the Transaction is not used to edit data, and that is the reason for defining the additional Edit form, in order to perform the editing.
  • It is also possible to configure different properties to change the appearance of the information shown on the Smart Device screen.

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