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This domain is used to display data as seen in a browser, except that HTML commands are used instead of a URL.
In Edit mode, the information is entered as text using the platform’s input method.

SD - Html Example
The HTML domain type is LongVarChar(2M).

When interacting with the HTML element content, GeneXus generated iOS applications behave following this rules :

  • When tapping in a link of type http/https in the HTML content, a new modal Windows, with navigation buttons is opened, like the one URL elements use.
  • When tapping a none http/https link in the HTML content, action is handled by the device, i.e.
    • Phone numbers -> Make a call
    • Email addresses -> Email client is opened
    • Etc.


On Android, the texts from the HTML variables or attributes are styled by the corresponding Theme classes, unless the properties like font-color, font-size, etc. are set in the HTML.


As from GeneXus X Evolution 3  the HTML Domain supports Font-size and Font-Family.