Windows Azure - FAQ

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Root element is missing

It happens when access to the option Tools/Deploy Application/ deploy to windows Azure
It probably ocurred because a previous deploy  was something wrong. The file %AppData%\Artech\GeneXus\10Ev2\ has all the information about the previous deploy.

It could be possible to delete this file in order to avoid this behaviour

Error 404 when deploying

Make sure the C# environment used to deploy is IIS 7.0 or higher.
More information on SAC #35093.

Error 403 when deploying

(error message sample)

Uploading file 'Demo20141210u6PatternDevService.cspkg'... done!
Deploying 'miuracloudservice' to Windows Azure from This operation may take a while.
error: An error ccourred while trying to get the list of available Hosted Services.
error: リモート サーバーがエラーを返しました: (403) 使用不可能

-> make sure to upload certificate.