GeneXus X Evolution 2 Navigation Improvements

Official Content

GeneXus X Evolution 2 includes some improvements during specification time in order  to generate more performant applications.

  • Server Paging optimization is automatically added in Grids with paging.
  • 'Otherwise' clause is added on Grids and Data Provider Conditional Orders, case has not been specified by the user. 
    Having that clause, the grid navigation could be apply for Server Paging optimization. See SAC #30923 for more details
  • 'Otherwise' clause is added on conditional Formulas if it wasn't specified by the user.  
    See SAC #30922 (this change has also been added in Evolution 1 Upgrade 7)
  • When a Group navigation (For Each, Data Selector, Grid) includes a condition with an Udp function whose result is a constant value for the group, or a condition with an static method of an external object, the specifier slightly changes the navigation of the objects that use this condition, invoking the Procedure/Method before the For Each clause, and including the Procedure/Method's result in the condition instead. Thus, the object navigation could be fully evaluated by the DMBS.
    See SAC #32024 and SAC #33098 for more details.