Lapse property

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The seconds that must pass before the event 'Refresh' is triggered again.


For the Smart Devices, refreshes the Grid if the user does not perform any action during a certain period of time. For the Web Panel object (and Work Panel object), the refresh occurs at the entire object level.  

For Web objets, the Lapse behavior depends on the Web User Experience property. If Web User Experience property = Compatible, it is similar to the Browser Refresh (F5). It loads the whole page again every time. 

If Web User Experience property = Smooth, only the web panel is refreshed, and the Master Page is not included.

This lapse must be specified in seconds.


A value in seconds must be specified. By default (0) the object does not refresh.


Objects: Panel for Smart Devices, Web Panel, Work With for Smart Devices
Platforms: Web(.Net, Java), Smart Devices(Android, IOS)

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