Steps to Update your X Evolution 2 Beta 4 KB to RC

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Steps to Convert a Knowledge base built with Beta 4

  • Backup your Beta 4 KB
  • Open the KB with RC
  • Import <GX installation directory>\Packages\Patterns\WorkWithDevices\Resources\SDApi.xml again
  • Rebuild All
    • (low level details: The first time you build, GeneXus will convert the  smart devices pattern instances, save them again, delete the (in previous betas automatically generated) associated SDTs and Dataproviders, specify the instances, create sdts and dataproviders in memory, generate them and follow up as usual.
  • Take a look at the output and navigation view and check if all is OK. Take into account the following conversion considerations

Conversion considerations:

  • Object parameters are not more optional. If you missed to specify some, you may get errors at specification time. Solution: Add the missing parameters using this nightbuild (you don't need to go back to Beta 4)
  • You cannot have Dashboards or Work with for smart devices instances with the same name as other objects (they are all in the same namspace. ie: you cannot name "TabControlSD" a Dashboard  AND a Transaction, you may get 'TabControlSD' name conflicts with Transaction 'TabControlSD' )
  • The pseudo-expression "<attribute>=<variable> when not <variable>.IsEmpty()" is not more supported in advanced filters' Custom condition property of Smart Devices Objects and you may get "Invalid expression in condition" error. Solution: replace it with any valid one (PropertyStatus = &cPropertyStatus when not &cPropertyStatus.IsEmpty() for example)
  • If you have a SD Maps control defined, you may get "'Empty' is not a valid value for property 'Location Attribute' in Grid". Solution: Open the object and set the Location Attribute property with a valid Attribute.
  • Layouts with Row style 44dip will be converted to 64dips / default changed.
  • Blackberry isn't supported yet in this new Build, it will be available / announced in upcomming builds. To build Blackberry applications, Beta 4 is still the best option
  • The Knowledge base Navigator available at Apple's Appstore cannot load apps generated by this build since the generated metadata schema changed.  A new one will be available soon.
  • About GXserver compatibility: You can do "Create KB from Server" from an Beta 4 server instance, but you can't commit to it.
  • Importing XPZ of Beta 4 or earlier version may not work, the best option is following the abovementioned convertion steps.
    • If you import an xpz you may get errors like "Control names must be unique in a layout."Solution: Fix, using beta 4, the control names
    • XPZ that contain Workwith for smart devices pattern instances and SDActions external object cannot be imported to RC (Unknown function 'Save' error will occur in that case). Solution: Convert from Beta 4 to RC opening the KB, or import all but the SDActions external object.

Requirements update:

Steps to convert KBs hosted by a GXserver Beta 4 instance

  • Install a new GXserver instance 
  • With your new GeneXus build do a "Create KB from Server", disconnect it from the server
  • Follow the "Steps to Convert a Knowledge base built with Beta 4"
  • File/Send KB to the new GXserver instance