GeneXus X Evolution 2 Night Builds - Beta 4 to RC

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Latest builds : GeneXus X Evolution 2 Beta Night Builds

Build log from Beta 4 to RC:

Build 51807 is RC- Available from Thu 22nd December, 2011

  • BlackBerry emulator version default changed to 9700 More Information...
  • BlackBerry generator major update
    • Themes support improved, layout design improvements - margin, paddings, etc.
    • Prompts and links fixed
    • ClientInformation related headers added. More Information...
    • Semantic domains fixes
  • fix: IDE: fixes to properties toolwindow regarding smart devices objects
  • fix: IDE: grids didn't have rowspan and colspan properties
  • fix: return command didn't work in smart devices objects
  • fix: .NET mobile: sdts with dates didn't compile, business components didn't compile
  • fix: GAM: fixes to permissions
  • fix: .NET: if insert rules didn't work in rest in trns with multiple key attributes
  • fix: Android: actions in detail were not being loaded
  • fix: iOS: Fixes to chart control (timeline)
  • fix: iOS: FIX refresh after BC insert/update/delete

Build 51752- Available from Wed 21st December, 2011

  • fix: IDE: fixes to properties toolwindow (properties of Smart Devices Objects controls)
  • fix: .NET: procedures REST were not being compiled in some cases
  • fix: Ruby: some user controls were not being displayed correctly (the theme they used wasn't referenced)
  • fix: GAM: paging added to some sample grids
  • fix: iOS: page size of grid wasn't taken into account
  • fix: iOS: minor fixes to caching mechanism

Build 51709- Available from Tue 20th December, 2011

  • fix: Ruby/GAM: fix to "The request scope is not supported" in new kbs
  • fix: .NET: fix to geolocation
  • fix: .NET: Rest services url of dyna combos was wrong (dyna combos in Smart Devices didn't work)
  • fix: Android: fix to filters
  • fix: iOS: fixes to search and group by
  • fix: iOS: FIX loading loops when there was an error loading grids (when there is no internet connection)fix paged grid scroll in airplane mode
  • fix: iOS: fix paged grid scroll in airplane mode
  • fix: IDE: fix when inserting an attribute in SD layouts:  Parameter is not valid. (System.Drawing)

Build 51679- Available from Sat 17th December, 2011

  • new: iOS: Cache enabled true/false property support added
  • fix: GAM: permissions weren't initialized ok if Dashboard name was the same than KB name
  • fix: iOS: FIX SDT Grids - FIX Group By - FIX Alpha Indexer
  • fix: iOS: fix to grid odd and even classes
  • fix: iOS: fix to Magazine viewer
  • fix: iOS: Button disappeared in split / iPad
  • fix: iOS: fixes to caching
  • fix: IDE: Adding items to Dashboard is now easy again
  • fix: Android: fixes to image loading
  • fix: Android: fix to alpha indexer
  • fix: Android: fix to dynamic calls
  • fix: .NET: fix to updateconfigweb crash

Build 51634- Available from Fri 16th December, 2011

  • new: Android: enable hardware acceleration for Honeycomb (or later) devices. Grid scrolling is now much smoother when an image background is present
  • improvements in initialization of GAM Authorizations
  • fix: .NET: web.config file was being generated without some necessary tags: <remove fileExtension=".cod"/>
  • fix: GAM: GAMExampleWWGrantUsers didn't specify
  • fix: iOS: WWD title wasn't showing correctly when using an expression
  • fix: iOS: SDPanel was shown as link
  • fix: iOS: fix to variable assignment in composite block
  • fix: IDE: naming of controls in smart devices objects
  • fix: fixes to Query object
  • fix: Web: improvement to RecentLinkItem object
  • fix to date times in REST services when datetime storage is not set

Build 51580- Available from Thu 15th December, 2011

  • new: iOS: new caching on SQLite mechanism implemented that takes into account server changes, reduces traffic, etc.
  • fixes: improvements in Web refresh, fixes to images
  • fix: Ruby: fixes to authentication with GAM / external services
  • fix: iOS: Image Gallery User Control: small fixes related to images scroll, fix to scroll in popup
  • fix: .NET: fix to REST generation related to dynamic combos
  • fix: iOS: Dynamic call to web panel fix

Build 51501- Available from Wed 14th December, 2011

  • new: GAM: First bits of  Authorization (Roles, Permissions based) support added in Java Web and .NET Web . Smart devices still don't support authorization.
  • new: iOS: GAM: Authentication on request supported. Login layout is displayed only if an object with Integrated Security Level <> None is reached.
  • new: Android: Application and ApplicationBars classes supported
  • new: iOS: Added support for padding in attributes, images & text blocks
  • new: .NET: REST services generation for the support of Dynamic Combo boxes in Smart Devices implemented. Dyna combos can have filters.
  • fix: IDE / SD: fix to Group By
  • fix: Android: remember selected tab when rotating
  • fix: Android: grid background which was not filling the whole grid space
  • fix: iOS: Refresh in edit mode in detail wasn't working
  • fix: iOS: app background image not showing
  • fix: iOS: labels auto align fix ( only arrange controls with label position = left )
  • fix: HTML 5: fix to images border
  • fix: GXserver: fixes to merge of themes
  • fix: GXserver: fixes to locking support
  • fix: Web: fixes to GXMap Control

Build 51422- Available from Tue 13th December, 2011

  • new: .NET: Client Information API has been implemented in .NET too
  • new: Java and Ruby: REST services generation for the support of Dynamic Combo boxes in Smart Devices implemented. Dyna combos can have filters.
  • fix: .NET and Ruby : REST services (data providers) were not being declared correctly in web.config (you may get Error: Not Found in Android)
  • fixes to time zone handling
  • fix: iOS: fixed crash in Image Gallery User Control when using a non string attribute for the title or caption
  • fix: Android: fixed some crashs when updating version

Build 51357- Available from Mon 12th December, 2011

  • fix: Ruby web: fix to autoprompt / popups

Build 51350 - Available from Sun 11th December, 2011

  • new: IDE, Android and iOS: Visible property also available at design time
  • new: IDE: new Add-In Manager to be in sync with the market. Find it under Tools/Add-in Manager. Download User controls, Extensions, Patterns, External Tools or External Objects. See what's new or what updates are available
  • New: Spec for SD: DO Case, For, Do While supported in Start and Load Events. Load command supported in Load Event.
  • new: iOS: Push Notifications in Native Mobile Applications support added! 
  • new: Android: Theme:  padding properties added to attributes, text blocks and images
  • new: GAM: UI improved to xev2 look
  • new: GAM: performance improved, caché added.
  • new: Web: new On Session Timeout Property replaces Ajax Call Security property. values: Warn. If Warn is set, the user doesn't loose (can go back and copy to clipboard) what he has written if session timeout occurs.
  • new: Web: Javascript debug mode property
  • new: Android: call() supported in Start Event. Useful for conditional calling since Start and Load support If, else, endif
  • new: Android: Caching = false supported. If set to True, 2 new properties are implemented:
  • Check For New Data: Every Time / After Elapsed Time
  • Check For New Data After Minutes Elapsed: <number>
  • new: Android: first bits to support nested dynamic combo boxes
  • new: iOS: added support for Combo boxes with numeric values
  • ios: new: Interop.OpenInBrowser() = link() command implemented in iOS
  • new: .NET: Geolocation api functions implemented: GetLatitude,GetAddress,GetLongitude,GetDistance,GetLocation
  • fix: Android: fix to dynamic call
  • fix: Android: crash in KBN prototyper
  • fix: iOS: fixes related to autogrow
  • fix: iOS: REST procedure out parameters were matching by name and not position
  • fixes in iOS and Android to autogrow property
  • fix: Web: fixes to data-cellspacing, data-cellpadding, data-align when generating HTML 5
  • fix: Android: fixes to Chart control
  • fixes to timezone
  • ios: fixed memory leaks
  • fix: Android: fixes when updating the app on minor fixes
  • fix: Android: fix for visible property of buttons and variables in start event
  • fix: iOS: fix related to support of nested grids
  • fix: iOS: fix to scroll when Autogrow= true
  • fix: iOS:  fixed crash in control with label, label with border
  • fix: iOS:  search results in a grid shows above the search bar
  • Fixes to Add in Manager (search, installation, etc)
  • fix: iOS: fixes to Image Gallery and Maps Control

Build 50981 - Available from Tue 6th December, 2011

default value for deploy to cloud server has been changed from to In existing KBs you can keep with setting the value again.

You need to save your web themes again (just open, change something, undo, and save again)

  • new: iOS: Radio Button control support added
  • new: iOS: When adding new apps to KBN: added support for short URLs (
  • new: IDE / SD: Use return command instead of SDActions.Return() on default
  • new: IDE / SD: Caption of List takes setting Labels/WorkWithTitle from pattern settings
  • fix: IDE / SD: in last build it didn't generate actions insert, update and delete
  • fix: IDE / SD: variables defined were not available until closing & reopening object
  • fix: IDE / SD: default action can be none
  • fix: iOS: image picker not dismissed on iPad
  • fix: iOS:  table with border, margin & padding layout frame fixed
  • fix: iOS: Chart User Control ==> Refresh data is working again
  • fix: iOS: Minor fixes to dynamic object call
  • fix: iOS: fix grid with SDT & automatic refresh
  • fix: iOS: fixes to magazine viewer control
  • fix: Android: empty data set image now  Scales to Fill keeping aspect
  • fixes: Ruby Web: fixes to image, audio and video types

Build 50924 - Available from Sun 4th December, 2011

  • new: Android: new functions in Interop external object implemented: Confirm(&msg), msg(&msg), SendSMS(&To,&msg),SendEmail(&To), PlaceCall(&Tel),PlayVideo(&Video),PlayAudio(&Audio),OpenInBrowser(&Url)

Build 50919 - Available from Sat 3rd December, 2011

Backward compatibility note: Dashboards saved with this build cannot be opened with previous ones.


  • new: IDE: Dashbarods have now Events / sintax like panels for smart devices and work with for smart devices instances. 
  • new: iOS: prompt and date picker image is taken from the corresponding propeties in Theme's Application class
  • new. iOS: theme image class has now label class 
  • new: Android: Data is cached using SQL Lite (instead of memory as until now)!
  • new: Android: GAM: Authentication on request supported. Login layout is displayed only if an object with Integrated Security Level <> None is reached.
  • new: Android: Images can depend on Theme, Images can be external
  • new: Android & iOS: dynamic call support added in events. you can call(&objName,&parm1,&parm2,). This allows the following scenarios
    • To call first a procedure that returns in a variable the object to call after (conditional calls )
    • To create your own dashboards with their items loaded conditionally in runtime
  • new: first time you open a KB with 50754 or higher the following message appears: 

    "This is the first time you open this Knowledge Base with X Evolution 2 (10.2.nnnn Beta 4).
    If you continue and save objects with this version, they may not be openable with previous GeneXus versions.
    Do you want to open it anyway?"

    This message was added to avoid converting Ev1 KBs erroneously. After this dialog is accepted the following error message will be displayed when trying to open the Knowledge Base with previous versions:

    "This Knowledge Base was opened with a newer version of GeneXus (X Evolution 2 (10.2.nnnn Beta 4)). It may contain objects (or part of them) that this version can't handle.
    Do you want to open it anyway?
  • new: Web: more improvements in server performance related to ajax and improvements to HTML traffic
  • new: Web: HTML Tag Lang is generated
  • new: Web: new UI, look and feel for for image, Audio and Video data types (edit and view)
  • new: IDE / Smart Devices generation. As from this version the code you write is more "GeneXus like". SDActions.Return() is the same than writing the well known Return command, etc.
Interop.Msg() = msg()
Interop.OpenInBrowser = link()
Interop.Confirm() = Confirm()
SDActions.Return() = Return
SDActions.Refresh() = Refresh
  • fix: IDE: workwith for devices instances couldn't be saved in last build because of a bug in the syntax checking.
  • fix: Android: fixes in Magazine Viewer
  • fix: Android: fixes to sizes when using dashboard as tabs
  • fix: REST services didn't return time in UTC if Datetime Storate Time was set.
  • fix: .NET: 212 Not enough global stack, generating RSPs

Build 50717 - Available from Tue 29th November, 2011

  • new: iOS: Lapse property supported
  • new: iOS: Multiple grids support added. Grids can be nested to a grid with Attributes or be paralell to others. Only one grid can be based on Attributes, the others have to be based on SDT
  • new: iOS: SDMaps User Control now supports a SDT as data source
  • new: IDE: other minor improvements in SimpleiOS,SimplAndroid and SimpleBlackBerry default Themes
  • fix: IDE: if expressions in smart devices events cannot be evaluated , the IDE doesn't allow to save the object
  • fix: iOS: refresh of grid didn't work in Tabs
  • fix: iOS: Resize of images taken from the camera, to reduce memory usage
  • fix: Android: bug in RatingControl when the number of stars is major than 5
  • fix: Web: returning from autoprompt, the record wasn't loaded

Build 50678 - Available from Tue 29th November, 2011

  • new: Android: Tab Control supported
  • new: Android: Section Display = inline supportd
  • new: Android: Layout of Detail is taken into account if the control "All Sections Content" is not present.
  • new: Android: Automatic Refresh time supported
  • fix: iOS: popus always displayed in portrait
  • fix: iOS: image label didn't take into account theme
  • fix: iOS: fix to image content mode
  • fix: iOS: Application Bars color in popups
  • fix: Android: fix to scanner control
  • fix: IDE: GDI+ leaks fixed in TeamDevelopment dialog

Build 50634 - Available from Sat 26th November, 2011

  • new: IDE: New themes SimpleiOS, SimpleAndroid, SimpleBlackBerry for better default look & feel
  • new: IDE: SD instances are created by default with classes associated to controls for better better default look & feel and easier customization
  • new: Android & iOS: Versioning support for iOS and Android (if major version changes, it redirects to market, if minor changes, redirects to metadata url und updates it. )
  • new: Android & iOS: Class and Visible properties of Attributes, Variables, Actions, Tables, Groups, Textblocks, etc can be set in Start or Load Event


if BabyGender = Gender.Male
  BabyName.Class = "Attribute.Male"
  BabyDate.Visible = false
  BabyName.Class = "Attribute.Female"
  Button1.Visible = false
  • new: .NET REST services: rules that are triggered on insert (like if insert, default, etc) now work in .net too (java and Ruby did already)
  • new: iOS: new functions in Interop external object implemented: Confirm(&msg), msg(&msg), SendSMS(&To,&msg),SendEmail(&To), PlaceCall(&Tel),PlayVideo(&Video),PlayAudio(&Audio)
  • fix: iOS: App crashes fixes / memory leaks
  • fix: iOS: fix Background color in Login Panel
  • fix: iOS: fix to wheel control
  • fix: iOS: fixes to date locale
  • fix: GAM: fix to rebuild all when Reorganize server tables = No (now it doesn't reorganize GAM either)
  • fix: IDE: some GDI leaks fixed, GDIs released asap
  • fix: Parameters were not being passed to WorkWithDevices Pattern 

Build 50515 - Available from Thu 24th November, 2011

  • new: GAM: user is asked wether he wants to reorganize GAM's tables or not
  • new: iOS: layout can be defined per orientation
  • new: IDE: some properties couldn't be set if SD Map control was based on a grid based on SDT
  • fix: iOS: fixes to link button
  • fix: IDE: hides properties under Web Services Usage if object isn't REST service
  • fix: .NET: error sending mail with big attachment

Build 50428 - Available from Wed 23th November, 2011

  • new: Web: less html traffic and client rendering performance improvement (in IE 8 is were it's most noted)
  • new: iOS: "All Sections" content display - Platform Default means: if the section has a grid, show as link; else, show inline - implemented all sections as links
  • new:  iOS: Added support for Section theme class when is shown as link
  • new: iOS: Tab control: improved the way the "More" tab is shown
  • new: iOS: Improvements when sections are shown as tabs (section images are taken into account, class, etc)
  • new: Android: Maps based on SDT collections are supported now
  • new: Android: Client Information API has been implemented (device UUID, NetworkId, Language, OS, OS Version)
  • new: IDE: intellitips to know what parameters receive the called WWSD instance (only works for objects saved by this GeneXus Build or greater)
  • new: IDE: classes are assigned by default to controls in WWSD instances
  • new: IDE & .NET: Default for IIS Version in new KBs is IIS 7.
  • new: Java and .NET: Twitter authentication supported
  • new: Java and .NET: Geolocation API functions implemented
  • new: Ruby: new property  "Web Services Usage" at version and object level to specify whicht Rest entry points to generate (if read, insert, update, etc). 
  • fix: IDE: fixes to Theme fonts
  • fix: Grammar: Calendar.Schedule() couldn't be saved
  • fix: IOS: fix to metadata loading when images were missing,when no section was found, etc.
  • fix: GAM: in some cases RepositoryId was being changed and after that connection problems with GAM occured in F5
  • fix: Ruby: prompt size was too small
  • fix: more improvements to themes in filter dialogs
  • fix: .NET: service tags were imported wrong
  • fix: NET: REST procedures and dataproviders didn't clean up database connections 
  • fix: IOS: Geolocation accessory button did not appear in edit mode
  • fix: iOS: delete didn't work
  • fix: Java: fixed images in smart devices didn't appear
  • fix: Spec and Generators: <att|var> = &<var|att>.Method().Method() didn't work

Build 50200 - Available from Thu 17th November, 2011

  • new: Web: New default design in web applications (with or without Workwith Pattern). Check it out in new KBs or set HTML5 as your HTML Document Type and GeneXusXev2 as your default theme in your existing KBs and reapply defaults.
  • new: iOS: first bits for automatic versioning in smart devices
  • new: iOS: new property filteroperator (Begins with|contains) and Case Sensitive for search in SD
  • new: iOS: first bits to support Panels for Smart Devices
  • new: Android: first bits of Magazine Viewer (a control like the one used by Flipboard )
  • new: Android: improvementes in filters: Theme information is taken into account
  • new: IDE: allows to add more than one grid to a layout (only one grid based on attributes is supported, all other grids need to be based on SDT collections)
  • new: GXserver: Added new role to manage locks
  • new: GAM & Ruby & .NET (Web, Android,  iOS): Twitter authentication support added
  • fix: Attributes referenced in properties were not being added to the automatically generated data provider in SD (fixes SD Maps and other User Control properties behavoir)
  • fix: Android: some dynamic combox boxes didn't work
  • fix: Android: fix to external login
  • fix: Android: background of labels didn't work
  • fix: iOS: more descriptive error when some workwith has no levels
  • fix: iOS: fix to Application Bar visibility refresh
  • fix: iOS: font style italic was not being considered
  • fix: iOS: fix when rotate view
  • fix: iOS: label & text align when label is on top
  • fix: Web: focus moves to next control when closing prompt
  • fix: Ruby: empty blobs were showing their latest non empty value in grid
  • fix: Ruby: fix 
  • fix: Java: fix to EAR deployment 
  • fix: Fix to dfrgtxt when no length and delimiter were specified 
  • fix: Web: compilation issue when using component domain

Build 50074 - Available from Sat 12th November, 2011

  • new: iOS: Sections can be shown as Tabs in iOS
  • new: iOS and Android: SparkLine Control 
  • new: iOS:Leavs Control
  • new: Spec: Server Paging: now if grid has a load command the specifier tries to optimize paging so that it happens at server side (in DBMS), 
  • new: Spec: Conditions of data selectors calling udps (procs) are optimized too
  • new: Android: first bits to support Panels for Smart Devices
  • new: Android: It doesn't require google maps if you don't need it / google market in runtime - useful for devices that don't include google market
  • new: Web: default class for Image Attributes is ImageAttribute
  • new: iOS: improvements in image properties (alignment, content mode)
  • new: Android: new property filteroperator (Begins with|contains) and Case Sensitive for search in SD
  • new: Login with external web service in Android and iOS
  • fix: Grammar: Calendar.Schedule() works again even if there is an image called Callendar
  • fix: iOS: Orders (Group by & Alpha indexer) and search fixed
  • fix: iOS: GeoLocation picker in iPad was not dismissed when tapping the Done button
  • fix: iOS: fixes to date picker and time picker
  • fix: iOS: fixes to datetime and time handling, fix to daylightsaving
  • fix: iOS: fix to default action in detail
  • fix: iOS: link sections were displayed in line
  • fix: iOS: fix to SD Maps with iOS 5
  • fix: iOS: fix to showing Component domain fields with full URL (if http:// is in the url, it is assumed to be absolute)
  • fix: .NET : fix to UpdConfigWeb.exe 
  • fix: .NET: fix to xml serialization in SOAP services with framework >= 3.5
  • fix: .NET: fix to webwrapper when executed via command line
  • fix: Web: fixes in tables alignment
  • fix: Web: fixes to focus handling
  • fix: Web: didn't work in IE 8 
  • fix: Ruby: GAM: fix to external webservices
  • fix: Java: procs REST that return a collection of Business Components didn't compile
  • fix: IDE: Conversion process of workwith smart devices instances: GeneXus stopped working if it finds recursive references in the object
  • fix: GAM: fix for loosing RepositoryId (new kbs only)
  • fix: Team Development: fix to theme merge 

Build 49843 - Available from Mon 7th November, 2011

  • new: Query viewer pivot: export to excel 2003
  • fix: iOS: Orders (Group by & Alpha indexer)
  • fix: Android: fix to logout
  • fix: Query viewer fixes to decimals

Build 49821 - Available from Mon 7th November, 2011

Workwith for smart devices pattern instances will be converted to new format. Backup your Knowledge bases; once opened with this new build, they won't work with beta 4 or earlier.
After applying the workwith for smart devices pattern (in a rebuild all, for example) all data providers and SDTs created automatically by it will be deleted.

Steps to Convert a Knowledge base built with Beta 4

  • Backup your Beta 4 KB
  • Open the KB with this build
  • Import <GX installation directory>\Packages\Patterns\WorkWithDevices\Resources\SDApi.xml again
  • Rebuild All
    • (low level details: The first time you build, GeneXus will convert the  smart devices pattern instances, save them again, delete the (in previous betas automatically generated) associated SDTs and Dataproviders, specify the instances, create sdts and dataproviders in memory, generate them and follow up as usual.
  • Take a look at the output and navigation view and check if all is OK. Take into account the following conversion considerations

Conversion considerations:

  • Object parameters are not more optional. If you missed to specify some, you may get errors at specification time. Solution: Add the missing parameters using this nightbuild (you don't need to go back to Beta 4)
  • You cannot have Dashboards or Work with for smart devices instances with the same name as other objects (they are all in the same namspace. ie: you cannot name "TabControlSD" a Dashboard  AND a Transaction, you may get 'TabControlSD' name conflicts with Transaction 'TabControlSD' )
  • The pseudo-expression "<attribute>=<variable> when not <variable>.IsEmpty()" is not more supported in advanced filters' Custom condition property of Smart Devices Objects and you may get "Invalid expression in condition" error. Solution: replace it with any valid one (PropertyStatus = &cPropertyStatus when not &cPropertyStatus.IsEmpty() for example)
  • If you have a SD Maps control defined, you may get "'Empty' is not a valid value for property 'Location Attribute' in Grid". Solution: Open the object and set the Location Attribute property with a valid Attribute.
  • Layouts with Row style 44dip will be converted to 64dips / default changed.
  • Blackberry isn't supported yet in this new Build, it will be available / announced in upcomming builds. To build Blackberry applications, Beta 4 is still the best option
  • The Knowledge base Navigator available at Apple's Appstore isn't cannot load apps generated by this build since the generated metadata schema changed. 
  • About GXserver compatibility: You can do "Create KB from Server" from an Beta 4 server instance, but you can't commit to it.
  • Importing XPZ of Beta 4 or earlier version may not work, the best option is following the abovementioned convertion steps.
    • If you import an xpz you may get errors like "Control names must be unique in a layout."Solution: Fix, using beta 4, the control names
    • XPZ that contain Workwith for smart devices pattern instances and SDActions external object cannot be imported to RC (Unknown function 'Save' error will occur in that case). Solution: Convert from Beta 4 to RC opening the KB, or import all but the SDActions external object.

Requirements update:

Steps to convert KBs hosted by a GXserver Beta 4 instance

  • Install a new GXserver instance 
  • With your new GeneXus build do a "Create KB from Server", disconnect it from the server
  • Follow the "Steps to Convert a Knowledge base built with Beta 4"
  • File/Send KB to the new GXserver instance 

New features and improvements

  • new: IDE
    • new category Smart Devices in "New Object" Dialog
    • new object "Panel for Smart Devices"
    • Conditions can be defined in components (List, Detail, Section) of WorkWith for Smart Devices and in Panel for Smart Devices objects
    • "Data" in Data part (bottom of the work with editor) has been removed (it is calculated automatically by the GeneXus Specifier). 
    • Variables can be defined now in the Variables part and can be initialized in the standard Load or Start Events or in the Initial Value Property
    • Events for Smart Devices !
  • new: SD: Empty Data Set Background property in Grids: to display some image when no data is found to display in it.
  • new: Web: HTML traffic optimizations (state handling, combos)
  • new: Web: Performance improvements in jscript
  • new: Web: encoding algorithm changed (encoding works 60% faster in IE and User Events may work up to 20% faster)
  • new: Web: Semantic domains in web: Geolocation, Address, Component, URL, Email, HTML, Phone
  • new: Web Query object: graphs can be rendered in jscript + HTML (in order to not require flash). new control property added.
  • new: Web GXflow Client: new interfaces with statistics with team performance, individual performance, task and process analysis.
  • new: Web: New Static Content Expiration property (allows browser cache static content or not) JAVA (Tomcat 5.5 or higher), RUBY and  NET (IIS7 or higher)
  • new: Web: SEO improvements related to links in grids.
  • new: Web: .NET: New IIS Version property in order to facilitate deployment to IIS 7 servers
  • new: Web: .NET: Integrated Pipeline support
  • new: preview for new css3 properties in Theme Editor
  • new: Android: Charts can be associated to string attributes in grid
  • new: Android: SD Paged Grid has been implemented
  • new: iOS: Client Information API has been implemented (device UUID, NetworkId, Language, OS, OS Version) In existing KBs You need to import <kb directory>\Packages\Patterns\WorkWithDevices\Resources\SDApi.xml again
  • new: iOS: Theme classes ApplicationBars and Application backgroundColor support added
  • new: iOS: New Magazine Viewer Control (similar to the one used by Flipboard)
  • new: Android & iOS: improvements in theme
  • new: Java: autofit in exceldocument with POI implemented
  • new: Web: description of enumerated domains can be translated in runtime translation
  • new: GAM: Authentication with Twitter
  • fix to ruby path when using deploy to cloud
  • fix to spec : where att = udp() wasn't being optimized
  • fix: web: to timezone handling
  • fix: web:  to memory leaks in server related to context handling
  • fix: web: security fix to conditional noaccept()
  • fix: Themes - SD : change the font size unit from "pt" to "dip"
  • fix: export/import of variables based on domains and defined in SD objects didn't work well (sometimes it losed the type definition)
  • fix: .NET: fix to isolation level in mysql >= 5.1
  • fix: Ruby: fixes to html 5 validation
  • fix: Ruby: execute in new LUW didn't work
  • fix: Web: fix to history manager
  • Web: Google Maps Control updated to API V3

 Build 48128 is Beta 4. Available from Sun, 12th September, 2011

See previous logs here GeneXus X Evolution 2 Night Builds - up to Beta 4