GXquery 4.0 Beta - Builds

Unofficial Content

12/10/2013 - RC Build 275

  • Fix: Several fixes in javascript pivot table.

12/06/2013 -  Build 270

  • Fix: Exporting Pivot takes filename as the name of the query
  • Fix: When the order of the elements of the query columns or rows are changed they were not keeping saved

12/05/2013 -  Build 267

  • Fix: No metadata was imported in the case that would have some role with the same name

12/04/2013 -  Build 266

  • Fix: Uninstall licenses wasn't working.
  • Fix: Now the Pivot show scrolling in the filter dialog when there are many values
  • Fix: Label showed over a point in Timeline chart

12/03/2013 - Build 262

  • Fix: Dragging attributes to the query editor from the attributes grid wasn't working.
  • Fix: When you have multiples repositories enabled there was an error when you import a metadata using a different repository than the Default one.
  • Fix: Metadata administrator could see metadatas from other repositories

12/02/2013 - Build 260

  • Fix: GeneXus extension for GeneXus Tilo is now woking OK (requires version
  • Fix: Several fixes in javascript pivot table.

11/29/2013 -  Build 258

  • Fix: Several fixes in javascript pivot table.
  • Fix: Excluded from metadata loading process: formula UDP attributes and attributes that are not in any table (requieres version of GeneXus extension for GXquery)

11/28/2013 - Build 256

  • Fix: Several fixes in javascript pivot table related to paging and Subtotals in Pivot Table
  • Fix: Import metadata from knowledge base containing formulas that included subtypes.
  • Fix: Queries that were in folders were not imported
  • Fix: When you drag and drop a QueryElement across sectors changed properties were lost
  • Fix: When permissions for a user or role are changing the settings of Sharing is lost for that user or role

11/27/2013 - Build 251

  • Fix: Error moving elements between order by and filter sectors when there were more than one output format in the query.
  • Fix: Several fixes in javascript pivot table

11/26/2013 - Build 249

  • Fix: Prevented SQL injection in select value dialog.
  • Fix: Error moving elements between sectors when there were more than one output format in the query.

11/25/2013 - Build 247

  • Fix: Several fixes in javascript pivot table and gxui controls.

11/22/2013 - Build 246

  • Fix: Parameter binding implemented for queries using parameters to prevent SQL injection.
  • Fix: "Error-Index was outside the bounds of the array." when editing a query with more than one output format

11/21/2013 - Build 243

Note: Before installing the new version you have to Export the metadata if you want to use it with the new version. 

  • Fix: Several fixes in javascript pivottable.
  • Fix: The value of the property Page Size of user preferences was not taking into account

11/20/2013 - Build 240

  • Fix: Context menu is displayed in the recent queries grid.
  • Fix: Now controls whether a UDA is used by any queries before deleting. The same control is made when you are deleting a Extended Entity.
  • Fix: Attribute tree is reloaded after deleting a UDA
  • Fix: Database connection properties and SQL statements are kept in the server instead of being sent from the browser when executing queries (security issue).

11/19/2013 - Build 235

  • Fix: Share option is disabled if you do not have permission to edit the query
  • Fix: Drill down didn't work
  • Fix: Security issue when downloading files from the server.

11/18/2013 - Build 231

  • Fix: Several fixes in javascript pivottable.
  • Fix: When defining new parameters for use in filters these were not taken into account after saving the query
  • Fix: By defining restrictions on an attribute, the "Add permission" button was disabled

11/15/2013 - Build 228

  • Fix: Parameters in the header of a query were not always replaced by its values.
  • Fix: Pivot table returned invalid data after creating a query with the same name but different structure from another previously created.
  • Fix: Datetimes parameters didn't work

11/14/2013 - Build 225

  • Fix: Collection type parameters were not working.
  • Fix: Date format in parameter definition takes into account the language

11/12/2013 - Build 223

  • Fix: Datastore connection parameters are now encripted when exporting/importing metadatas.

11/11/2013 - Build 222

  • New: Javascript table and pivot table replaced the old (Flash) ones.
  • Fix: when you create a query to suggest the name of it is taken into account the queries that have not been saved.

11/08/2013 - Build 220

  • Fix: When you logout checks for queries without saving
  • Fix: The formula editor were suggesting attributes for which the user did not have permissions

11/07/2013 - Build 219

  • New: Permission for users or roles to create new queries implemented.

10/24/2013 - Build 218

  • Fix: User defined attributes (UDAs) whose data types were other than numeric without decimals were not working. Those UDAs must be deleted and redefined using this build.

10/22/2013 - Build 217

  • Fix: The first time you created a query against a datastore different from the default datastore the query did not execute. You had to save and reopen it.
  • Fix: Date parameters wasn't working if the DBMS was other than SQLServer.

10/21/2013 - Build 215

  • Fix: Loading metadatas from GeneXus Tilo is now working OK.

10/18/2013 - Build 214

  • Fix: Error loading metadatas with non-numeric subtype attributes with value range.
  • Fix: Error loading metadatas with numeric atributes with length greater than 18.

10/16/2013 - Build 212

  • Fix: Several fixes in javascript pivot table.

10/15/2013 - Build 211

  • Fix: Changing datastore properties in a metadata loaded from a Java GeneXus Environment wasn't working.
  • New: Permissions over "All Attributes" implemented.

10/10/2013 - Build 209

  • Fix: Sharing queries was now working.

10/09/2013 - Build 208

  • Fix:Not applying options are disabled when entering as administrator but does not have any metadata in state Started.
  • Fix: Support for DB2 for iSeries and Informix.

10/08/2013 - Build 206

  • New: Repair metadata implemented.
  • New: Column with Quantity automatically added when there is no field in the data in a pivot table
  • New: "Select all" implemented when prompting for a query.
  • Fix: Changing the port in the database connection options for a metadata is now working.

09/19/2013 - Beta 4 Build 197

  • New: Added GXquery extension for GeneXus Tilo.

09/17/2013 - Build 196

  • New: "Order by" implemented.

09/09/2013 - Build 192

  • Fix: "The connection to GAM was not found, please contact the administrator" error when logging in.

09/04/2013 - Build 191

  • New: Use external GAM implemented.

08/15/2013 - Build 188

  • New: Import queries implemented.
  • Fix: Queries exported from GXquery comes now in XPZ format instead XML format.

08/08/2013 - Build 185

  • New: Share query option is now available under "More actions" in query toolbar.
  • New: User defined attributes are now multilanguage.
  • Fix: Queries were not imported when importing a metadata from another GXquery installation.

08/07/2013 - Build 183

  • New: Query parameters are now multilanguage.
  • Fix: GXqueryQuery.Execute() service was displaying only the default output format of a query and not the output format received as a parameter
  • Fix: Adding an element to a grid in GXquery web interface wasn't working.

08/06/2013 - Build 181

  • New: Query description is inferred from query name when creating a new query.
  • Fix: Query description wasn't shown correctly when working with multilanguage metadatas.

08/01/2013 - Build 177

  • New: GXquerySession.IsValid() and GXquerySession.GetQueryByName() methods added.

07/31/2013 - Build 176

  • New: Serialization and deserialization methods added to all external objects in GXquery API.

07/30/2013 - Build 175

  • Fix: GXquery API was refactored.

07/05/2013 - Build 172

  • New: Metadata restrictions implemented.

06/25/2013 - Build 170

  • New: Administrator user can reset other users passwords.
  • Fix: Shared queries where shown duplicated in queries tree.

06/24/2013 - Build 168

  • New: Grouping options (by year, by semester, by quarter, by month, by day of week) for date in datetime elements added.

05/27/2013 - Beta 3 Build 164

  • Fix: Charts didn't occupy all the space available for them.

05/23/2013 - Build 161

  • Fix: SQL statements generation wasn't woking after creating or deleting a user defined attribute.
  • Fix: After having created a query with output = Chart and saved it, the next time that query was opened it was displayed as PivotTable or Table.

05/22/2013 - Build 159

  • Fix: Role Metadata Administrator is not suggested anymore when creating a new user.
  • Fix: Deleting permissions from users was not working.

05/21/2013 - Build 158

  • Fix: When moving query elements from one pivot table sector to another its structure is recaltulated if it hasn't been explicitly changed by the user.

05/17/2013 - Build 157

  • Fix: Opening queries with parameters reported GXAjax HTTP error: (500) - Internal Server Error.
  • Fix: When changing the type of a parameter its value did not default to the new type.
  • Fix: Show filters / Hide filters image when viewing a query always showed "+" instead switching between "+" and "-"

05/16/2013 - Build 154

  • Fix: Exporting queries wasn't working if any of the exported queries had a numeric without decimals parameter. If this is your case, just installing the new build won't fix the problem. You also need to delete the parameter from the query and create it again.
  • Fix: gxqueryadmin user wasn't being created.

05/15/2013 - Build 152

  • Fix: Query editor wasn't working.
  • Fix: Assigning permissions to users or roles wasn't working.

05/14/2013 - Build 150

  • New: GXquery administrator and repository administrator roles have been integrated into the same role in GXquery default installation.

05/07/2013 - Build 148

  • New: Prompt for defined parameters when editing filters and query elements was added.

05/02/2013 - Build 147

  • Fix: parameter date and datetime didn't work properly
  • Fix: error on save as a query with parameters and the tab parameters was closed

04/26/2013 - Build 144

  • New: filters that were applied in query are displayed
  • New: Favicon was implemented.
  • Fix: filters dialog was not working

04/23/2013 - Build 141

  • New: The tooltip of a QueryElement now is "Description = Structure"
  • New: Several dialogs now allow you to select / edit an item with double click.
  • New: Queries are displayed sorted  by owner in Shared queries node
  • New: A checkbox was added to select or unselect all values ​​in selection values dialog
  • New: Toolbar is added to the formula editor of QueryElement and Filters
  • New: We implemented the user-defined attributes. This allows you to define formulas and name it to use as an attribute
  • Fix: The dialogue to add roles to a user was not working

03/19/2013 - Build 128 

  • New: Filter editor is data type aware
  • New: Toolbar added to expression panel in filter editor to assist the user to enter an attribute or function
  • Fix: DateTime picker to help entering a Date or DateTime value is working now
  • Fix: Option to specify if attributes are viewed by name or description is taken into account in filter editor
  • Fix: Attributes in drill down dialog can be selected now by double clicking on them

03/08/2013 - Build 127

  • New: Filter editor to assist the user in constructing filter expressions
  • New: Picture editor to assist the user in constructing query element's picture.
  • Fix: Expressions including aggregations with inline filters are now supported

Note: Before installing the new version you have to Export the metadata if you want to use it with the new version. 

12/05/2012 - Build 119

  • New: The user is not prompted anymore for the metadata when loging in. Instead he's prompted for the repository, if more than one.

11/21/2012 - Build 117 

  • Fix: Error when trying to change the datastore connection data in a metadata loaded from a knowledge base with more than one environment
  • Fix: Error when trying to execute a query in a metadata loaded from a Ruby environment
  • Fix: "Description not unique" after exiting edition mode for a query element without changing anything

11/16/2012 - Build 116

  • New: Weighted mean implemented.
  • New: Many datastores per metadata.
  • New: Test Connection button, while configuring a data store.
  • Fix: Support for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and DB2 Universal Database (Informix and DB2 for iSeries coming soon).
  • Fix: "Your password has expired, please change it now. (GAM24)" while trying to log in as "administrator".

11/01/2012 - Build 114

  • Fix: "Out of memory" error when loading big Knowledge Bases from GeneXus.
  • Fix: Error loading metadata from a Knowledge Base with an object whose description contains quotes.
  • Fix: Users, roles and permissions are now imported and exported.

09/26/2012 - Beta 2 Build 112 

Note: reinstall the extension is required for GeneXus to create or modify GXplorer metadata

  • New: timeline charts
  • New: Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are supported in the user interface
  • New: Security implemented:
    • Repositories creation and administration
    • Metadatas can be assigned to diferent repositories
    • Users can be created and assigned to roles
    • Permissions over attributes and attribute groups can be defined, which are controlled in runtime
    • Restrictions over attributes and attribute values can be defined, also controlled in runtime
    • Users can share their queries with other users or roles
  • New: GXplorer administrator and metadata administrator roles created to match these two different scenarios
  • New: Metadata export/import implemented
  • New: Values selection dialog implemented (currently used only for partial restrictions)
  • New: Start page for GXplorer administrator created
  • New: New default value (None) for Query element property OrderType.

04/17/2012 - Build 58

Note: reinstall the extension is required for GeneXus to create or modify GXplorer metadata

  • New: portuguese is now available
  • New:  support for multi-language metadata
  • New: editor for properties with values based on collections 
  • Fix:  attributes not displayed correctly within the folders in the tree view
  • Fix: some UI minor fixes  

03/27/2012 - Build 51

  • New: changes in the state of the metadata is updated in all open sessions
  • New: it warns when loading a metadata ends
  • New: If the administrator stops the metadata that I'm using I get a message
  • New: autorefresh in working with metadatas
  • New: missing RemoveDuplicates and MaxRows  properties were added
  • Fix: confirmation dialog to remove user is displaying incorrect text.
  • Fix: when you stop a metadata, isnot removed from the combo
  • Fix: uninitiated metadata is shown in the combo of metadata
  • Fix: can not edit description of a Query element directly from the editor box
  • Fix: error when adding a Table to a Query
  • Fix: displays message "Description not unique" when you drag and drop an attribute in a DropSector
  • Fix: when you "save as" a query that had not yet saved the new query is empty
  • Fix: not enable Save button after creating a query
  • Fix: does not ask you to save data before closing the Query
  • Fix: changing the language does not automatically refresh the pivot language
  • Fix: when you open a query in the grid of "Recently Used queries" in the Start Page change the label to "Shared queries"

03/16/2012 - Build 41 

  • New: SUM is applied automatically when you put a numeric attribute to the data area
  • New: inferred attributes that go into the data area when moving from table to pivot table format
  • New: new preference to set number of rows to be shown in Tables Pivots
  • Fix: button authorize sometimes didn't work in Chrome and Firefox
  • Fix: after authorization is redirected to the login screen
  • Fix: buttons to work with metadata are disabled if you do not have any record selected
  • Fix: trouble importing certain metadata
  • Fix: second time you update the metadata
  • Fix: setup optimizations