Static content cache expiration property

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Property that allows the caching of static resources of a GeneXus Web application. This allows that when a user enters a GeneXus application, resources are loaded once and will not be reloaded again. 

It translates into:

  • Significant improvement in performance, especially in cases where objects have multiple resouces (many images, javascript files, css, etc).
  • Reducing HTTP traffic.

Static resources are:

  • Images (gif, png, bmp, jpg, jpeg, etc).
  • Javascript files (js).
  • Style Sheets (CSS).


Value in hours.

Default Value = 36 hours


For situations where a file (eg gxgral.js, messages.eng.js, gxcfg.js, etc.) has been updated manually and want to force the clients to re-download the resource, you can enter and edit web.config or gxcfg.config value "GX_BUILD_NUMBER" by a higher number. With this, the next time you visit a Web page, the browser will force the download of these resources previously cached.



  • .NET, IIS 7 or higher.
  • JAVA, Servet 2.4 (Tomcat 5.5 or higher).
  • Ruby (up to GeneXus X Evolution 3)

Interfaces: Web