Smart Devices Cache Management propertyOfficial Content

It is a Smart Devices Generator property to enable/disable the query optimization with or without caching.


On Enable query optimization using caching. This is the default value.
Off Disable query optimization.

How to apply changes

Build any object.


As you can read in the main document of Caching implementation for Smart Devices, you can take advantage of caching depending on certain object properties (caching means to use previously navigated data and optimize queries using cached data if it hasn’t changed in the Database).

This is the behavior if the Smart Devices Cache Management Property is set to On.

By setting this property to off, the data previously navigated is cached, but this cached data is used only if you are working offline. If you are online, the queries are not optimized, which means that data is always requested to the database regardless of whether it has changed or not since the last query.


Applies to:  Smart Devices Generator

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