HowTo: Give Restricted Access to a Group of Web Objects

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There are some cases in which the required authorization level for a group of users to access a set of an application's web pages is just to allow or deny it. 

For instance, if the application is divided into two modules (front-end and back-end), the backend will probably be accessed only by some authorized users (administrator users only).

One way to do this, is to use a Masterpage for the back-end pages, and program the following in the Start Event of the Masterpage:

If GAMRepository.CheckPermission("is_authorized_toBackend")

Note that you need to define the "is_authorized_toBackend" permission in the WEB Application, and define Roles where this permission is allowed or denied, as desired.

There´s no need to set Integrated Security Level Property to "Authorization", just to "Authentication" value.
Require Access Permissions of GAM Application must be set to TRUE.

Recommended reading: Access restricted to GAM Backend, this paper goes into detail of this topic.

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