User Recovery Password Key Timeout

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"User Recovery Password Key Timeout" is a GAM Repository property which allows the administrator user of the GAM Web Backoffice to give a validity time to the KEY generated with the purpose of allowing the user to recover his password.

The GAMRepositoryConfiguration web panel (located in GAM Example folder) is an example where this property is used. 

The way to use it in GeneXus code (by using the GAM API) is the following:

&Repository.UserRecoveryPasswordKeyTimeOut = &UserRecoveryPasswordKeyTimeOut


Any valid time in minutes.


GAM enables the final users to recover their password in several ways, see GAM: A way to solve Forgot Password for details.

The KEY given to the programmer in order to send a e-mail to the user has a expiration time, and it's configured in minutes in "User Recovery Password Key Timeout" of GAM Repository.

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