Allow Multiple Concurrent Web Sessions Security Policy Property

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It's a GAM Security Policy property which can be configured using GAM Backend and allows establishing if the users will be enabled to have multiple concurrent sessions or just only one.

In case users are allowed to have multiple concurrent sessions, you may specify if these sessions have to be established from the same IP or not. This is checked when a user logs in.


No Multiple concurrent sessions are not allowed. If a session is created and another already exists, the first one is killed.
Yes Multiple concurrent sessions are allowed.
Yes, from the same IP Multiple concurrent sessions are allowed, only from the same IP.


GAMExampleEntrySecurityPolicy Web Panel is a sample object (located in GAM Example folder) which shows the way to set this property programmatically:

&SecurityPolicy.AllowMultipleConcurrentWebSessions = &AllowMultipleConcurrentWebSessions // GAMAllowMultipleConcurrentWebSessions data type
Figure 1. GAMExampleEntrySecurityPolicy web form.


The property User Session Cache Timeout (seconds) determines a delay for the destruction of the session when it is going to be destroyed (because another session was created from another IP for example).

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