OAuth token maximum renovations

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OAuth token maximum renovations is a GAM Security Policy property, which allows to specify the number of times that the OAuth session will be automatically renewed each time it expires.


Take into account that in case of SD applications the authentication process is done using OAuth, and through Oauth token expire Security Policy property you can set the time of validity of the user session in SD applications. The OAuth token maximum renovations property specifies the number of times that the session can expire and the login is automatically renewed without asking the user to enter his credentials again.


GAMExampleEntrySecurityPolicy Web Panel (located in GAM Example folder) is an example where this property is used.

The way to use it in GeneXus code (by using the GAM API) is the following:

&SecurityPolicy.OauthTokenExpire  = &OauthTokenExpire
&SecurityPolicy.OauthTokenMaximumRenovations  = &OauthTokenMaximumRenovations

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