QueryViewer Type property

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This property allows developers to select the output type to be used by the QueryViewer control.


Table Data is displayed in a bi-dimensional matrix (rows and columns).
PivotTable Data is shown in a pivot table made up of rows, columns, filters, and data.
Chart Data is presented in a full range of specialized graphics. Upon selecting this option, the QueryViewer Chart Type property is added to the control's list of properties.
Card Data is displayed in a static Card which shows the query value, percentage or both.
Default Depending on the query structure, data is displayed as:

    • Pivot Table, if there are elements with aggregations and items without aggregations at the same time, so as to make pivoting possible.
    • Table, if all the items have aggregations or none of them has aggregations, so that displaying the data in a table is the only option that makes sense.


Output type    Table, PivotTable, Card, Chart

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