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In Smart Devices applications, it is very important to minimize the use of touch keyboard so that we can have great usability. So there are many controls to avoid the use of the virtual keyboard in tablets and phones.

One of these controls is the Wheel control that can be used to enter a different kind of data: numeric, enumerated strings, dynamic information (like a dynamic combo).

Conceptually a wheel can be used in any place where you use a Combobox, the main difference is that in general, you will use the wheel with low cardinality ranges or enumerated fields.




When the data type associated is numeric there are some additional properties

Property Type Description
Cyclic Boolean

After the highest value, the lowest value is shown.

Step Character

It might be an integer or a decimal value. In case it is a decimal value, the control shows a wheel with two components: the first for the integer part and the second for the decimal part. This has some restrictions:

  • You shouldn't set a Step value that has an integer part and a decimal part. For example, you shouldn't set a step of 1.5. Use decimals only with an integer part of 0.
  • You shouldn't set a Step value that doesn't add up to the unit. For example, if you set a Step value of 0.3, the decimal part will show the values 0, 3, 6 and 9 only. You should use values such as 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 0.25, etc.
Minimum Value Character

Indicates the minimum value.

Maximum Value Character

Indicates the maximum value.

Initial Value Character

Indicates the initial value. It's a temporary property that will be removed once we add support for the default rule in SD transactions.


  • On Android generator, the Cycle, Step, Minimum Value and Maximum Value properties cannot be set at run-time (there are design-time properties).
    For more information, please refer to SAC#34598


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Domains Numeric, Enumerated
Mobile Generators Apple, Android
Languages .NET, Java