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GeneXus 9.0 Release Notes - Table of Contents

GeneXus 9.0 General Overview
GeneXus 9.0 site
GeneXus 9.0 technical site
GeneXus 9.0 wiki

Main Features


Patterns based development

Web Development

Ajax Overview, Genexus and Ajax
Master Pages
BLOBs in Web forms

Improvements in user experience

Ajax - Web client side validation
Input Type and Suggest working together
InputType property ("no codes")
Suggest property or autocomplete
Linked combo or list boxes
GXchart 3.0

New Platforms

.Net Mobile Generator
More J2EE support than ever

Business Components

Business Component - Publication as an Enterprise Java Bean

Application Localization

Application Localization
Translation Tool
Help "in any language"

Reverse Engineering

Database Reverse Engineering Tool

Other Features

Productivity Features

Web Development
Theme Editor Version 2.0
Data Area, a new control for web styles
Changes in Textblock handling in Web forms

Development Environment
Improvements in Developer Experience
Export Compare Tool
New call syntax
More tooltips
Noaccept rule supports multiple attributes as parameters
Delete multiple interrelated KB objects at once
New option to generate again the changed help only
New option to import just the Help
SDTs can be on the form

Enterprise-level Application Development Features

User Experience
Ime Mode
New options on rightclick in win
Web Transactions with more than 2 levels support
Rows Property

Client Server
Improved Concurrency handling: Additive Attributes
New Before Connect property
Option to Sign database updates
New sql syntax for oracle 9.x and higher
Applications monitoring and management support
LUW managed by the EJB Container
Empty as Null property
Automatic date/date time validations

Navigation Improvements
Server side constraints
Using Filters as Hints
Optimization for mass updates
Optimized find navigation
Defined by clause support in new
Update Rule
New Dependencies clause in assignements
More events available in Rules
"For each exit" code optimization

Data modeling improvements
Null handling optimizes navigations
Nulls property

Data Types
Message Queue handling data types

DirectoryDataType (GeneXus 9.0)
LDAP Data Type

URL access Property
New IIF function
New byte count function
New Methods for attributes, variables and enumerated domains!
XSLTApply Method
Procedures can now call web objects
Web Services: Grouping Locations
News about model, object, and control properties
More ....
Development Environment Specific Section
.NET Generator Section
Java Generator Section
.NET Mobile
Visual FoxPro Generator Section
Visual Basic Generator Section
Cobol and RPG Generators Section
GXpublic 90

Compatibility & Conversion
Compatibility section
KB Conversion Process to GX 9.0