Dynamic Services URL property

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Indicates if GeneXus generates the server URL in the code or if it is dynamic and can be set at runtime.




Level: Front end


A common scenario in mobile applications is that the server where the app gets the data is given by the end-user, so the Services URL can be changed at runtime.

Possible values

  • False: GeneXus generates the server URL in the code, and it doesn't allow the end-user to change this value because it is embedded in the binary file. This is the default value.

Note that if the Dynamic Services URL property = False but the Services URL property is blank, the end-user will be asked to enter its value anyway.

  • True: GeneXus will allow the end-user to change the server URL. The way to change the URL depends on the Operating System on which the device is running.


Note for Apple: Take into account that the URLs entered by the end-user must comply with App Transport Security property group.


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