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This page has the user experience with some PDA in the market. It's open to adding comments or new models.

PocketWay 200mhz (ITAUTEC) (BRASIL)

200mhz processor
64mb RAM
Battery 2.5 hour

Com esse pocket tivemos muitos problemas com duração da bateria, não recomendo de forma alguma frown
Quanto a performance, trabalho com uma base (EVB / ACCESS) de aproximandamente 25.000 registros e é satisfatório.
Existe problemas de travamento do aparelho e as vezes temos que fazer reset de hardware.
Suporte a esse pocket não existe mais, foi descontinuado pelo fabricante, estamos mudando para pockets de 400mhzbiggrin


PocketWay 400mhz (ITAUTEC) (BRASIL)

400 mhz processor
64mb RAM
Battery 4 hour

Esse pocket a duração da bateria é o dobro do modelo anterior.
A velociadade é excelente.
O triste é que o fabricante descontinuou sua linha de pockets.cry


Thera (Celular)

200 mhz processor
64mb RAM
Battery 14 hour

A duração da bateria é EXCELENTE, mas a lentidão, o peso do aparelho e o tamanho deixam a desejar.
O recurso de uso de tecnologia CDMA 1x (celular) é muito bom e funciona.
A operadora VIVO (celular), optou na troca dos aparelhos para o modelo abaixo informado.
Outra caracteristica excelente é poder adquirir os aparelhos em comodato, somente pagando uma taxa mensal pela transmissão dos dados.
Problema : em algumas áreas do BRASIL o sinal do celular não funciona


400 mhz processor
64mb RAM
Battery 12 hour

A duração da bateria é EXCELENTE e os aspectos (peso, tamanho) são bons, cabe no bolso.
O recurso de uso de tecnologia CDMA 1x (celular) é muito bom e funciona.
A operadora VIVO (celular), no regime de comodato esta trocando todos os aparelhos Thera por esse.
Possui recurso de Camera, podendo ser trasmitida por e-mail.
__Problema : em algumas áreas do BRASIL o sinal do celular não funciona
Mas mesmo com o problema de sinal do celular, para mim por enquanto é o melhor de todossmile


HP IPAQ Pocket PC 4150


The iPAQ Pocket PC h4100 series is intended to bring to market an affordable integrated wireless PDA in a slim design. The iPaq 4150 has the same form factor as the iPaq 1940, but the same internals and specs as the new iPaq 4350 from HP. This means the 4150 brings to consumer and business users a slim device containing many features of the type expected from a larger and bulkier PDA.
The battery has a good capacity, and the fast processor has an excellent performance for .NET Mobile applications.

400MHz Intel XScale processor
Transflective TFT display with 64,000 colors
integrated WLAN 801.11b, Bluetooth, IrDA
Weight 4.67 oz


HP IPAQ Pocket PC 3670



The iPAQ 3600 Series Pocket PC has been discontinued and replaced by several subsequent iPAQ lines.
The iPAQ 3600 series Pocket PC was the original iPAQ Pocket PC line. With an innovative design and Flash ROM (which makes the unit's OS upgradeable)
Another unique feature, this Pocket PC had expansion jackets that made it possible to use external devices without having a bulky base unit.
This version of the iPAQ shipped with Pocket PC 2000 as its operating system, but it can be upgraded to Pocket PC 2002.
The processor (206 Mhz) is too slow for .NET Compact Framework, this model isn't recommended if the application has many requirements
The battery performance diminishes with time.
206MHz StrongArm Processor
12-bit 3.5" Reflective Color Display
CF & PC Card Expansion Jackets
Weight 6.3oz
IRDA Data Port

Após os testes com os novos modelos da HP, incluo mais comentários - Alexandre (Heurys)
Inclusive estamos testando pockets com Windows Mobile 5.0 e CF 2.0


HP iPAQ hx2790 , hx2795 Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 5.0)



Review from mobiletechreview
If you feel like you've seen the HP iPAQ 2490 (or 2190 and 2790) before, that's because you have. Mostly. Like Dell and their X51 series, HP's first Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs use the same hardware as previous models with more flash memory and the new OS added. To be fair, their entry-level iPAQ rx1950, released at the same time as the revised hx2000 series models, does sport a new design, and I'm sure we'll see more new designs in the coming months. That said, the adage doesn't mess with it if it ain't broke holds true with the hx2000 series. These are some of the best Pocket PCs on the market, offering great performance, dual wireless, excellent displays, and durable designs (see our review of the hx2750). While the original hx2000 series models were pricey: since they targeted the corporate market, the new line is more reasonably priced.
Intel PXA270 processor 624MHz
Windows® MobileT 5.0 for Pocket PC, Premium Edition
Bluetooth 1.2 & 802.11b Wi-Fi
64MB of RAM with 192MB flash ROM
Weight 5.8 oz.