Patterns Sample

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You can download a sample xpz and follow the steps in Quick Tour to generate a sample web application using Patterns in minutes !

STEP 1 - GeneXus KB

STEP 2 - Patterns Tool

  • Install Patterns and execute it: Design Model / Tools / Patterns
  • Configure the GeneXus Integration with the Model created in STEP 1, selecting the following options:
    • Apply and Consolidate = Impact, Specify, Compile, Run
    • Build Actions = Build All
    • Specification = Force Generation
    • Run Command = <The URL to be executed including the object to be executed>. E.g.http://localhost:8080/servlets-examples/servlet/hwwdoctors

STEP 3 - Pattern Selection

  • Select Work With Pattern using the combo box in the toolbar

STEP 4 - Create/Edit an Instance File

  • Select all TRNs in KB Explorer Window
  • Press the right button of the mouse and select Generate Instance File option. At this point the default instance files can be edited in the right pane.

STEP 5 - Toolbar Options

  • Configure "UpdateTransaction = Create default" for all instance files
  • Save the instance files (Instance / Save All)
  • The list of saved instance files can be seen in the Folder Explorer window (*.workwith)

STEP 6 - Apply the pattern

  • Select Build / Apply and Consolidate option

STEP 7 - Specify, Generate, Compile and Run the application

  • Enjoy the Web Application !