Warnings de GeneXusUnofficial Content

Esta es la lista completa de errores en Ev2, que pueden cambiarse a error o ignorarse. 

Id            Text

spc0000 %1
spc0001 Control/object %1 not found/defined. Is it on the form?
spc0002 %1 object does not have the %2 property.
spc0005 This object cannot be generated on this environment.
spc0006 %1 objects do not have the ‘%2’ method.
spc0008 Call to program %1 that cannot be generated or accessed (URL Access = No)
spc0009 Type mismatch in %1: %2.
spc0010 Type mismatch in assignment: %1 = %2 (%3=%4).
spc0011 Type mismatch in rule %1.
spc0012 Object %1 referenced in a Create function must be a component. Did you specify it?
spc0013 Use %1 instead of %2 %3.
spc0015 Invalid rule syntax: %1
spc0016 Invalid condition syntax: %1
spc0017 Expression %1 does not return a value.
spc0021 Line %1. No programs found matching dynamic %2 parameters.
spc0023 Parameter %1 %3 %2 has wrong type.
spc0024 Not enough parameters %2 %1.
spc0025 Too many parameters %2 %1.
spc0029 Attribute %1 is part of the primary key. It cannot be updated.
spc0030 Line %2. Attribute %1 should not be assigned in an insert group. It has the Autonumber property set to on.
spc0033 %1 will be read only in update mode.
spc0037 %1 cannot be inferred.
spc0038 There is no index for order %1 in group starting at line XXX.
spc0039 Ambiguous reference to attribute %1. Subtype group %G1 instead of %G2 chosen this time.
spc0040 Subtype group %1 contains secondary attributes (%2). Secondary attributes ignored.
spc0041 Subtype group %1 does not have primary attributes. Subtype group definition ignored.
spc0042 Subtype group %1 (%2) does not identify a base table. Subtype group definition ignored.
spc0043 %1 is not instantiated %2.
spc0046 Variable %1 not defined. Same as %2 assumed.
spc0047 Variable %1 not defined; %2 assumed.
spc0049 Not used
spc0050 Inferred subtype %1, cannot be assigned.
spc0051 Supertype %1 cannot be instantiated. Use subtype %2 instead %3
spc0053 Unsupported conditional constraint %1 changed to standard constraint %2.
spc0054 Unsupported conditional order %2. Using default order in %1.
spc0057 Internal error. Incorrect order clause syntax.
spc0060 The program may be called by another program and the Commit on Exit property is set to YES.
spc0069 When duplicate code will never execute. There are no updates to any attribute of a unique index.
spc0070 No When duplicate code found to handle possible duplicate condition when updating %1.
spc0072 External %3 index not defined for attribute(s) %1 in Data View %2.
spc0074 Join to table %1 may not perform well as there is no index on %1's primary key.
spc0075 Operand %1 does not match the data type of %2 in the IN comparison.
spc0077 %1’s data type (%2) is not supported in an IN comparison.
spc0079 Attribute(s) %2 in subtype group %1 is (are) not associated to any transaction.
spc0080 Attribute(s) %2 in subtype group %1 could not be solved.
spc0084 %1 not implemented by this generator. Ignored.
spc0086 Internal error. Wrong parameter information for program %1. Try saving it again. Problem data: %2, %3.
spc0087 %1 language statements are used in this object.
spc0096 Description value %1 in control %2 is not guaranteed to be unique.
spc0097 Rule (%1) ; does not apply to Business Component. Ignored.
spc0099 %1 is a dynamic combo box. Combo boxes are not supported on this platform.
spc0100 Item description in dynamic combo box %1 has an unsupported data type %2.
spc0101 Item value %1 does not match control %2 data type.
spc0106 Data type %1 is not supported by this generator.
spc0107 Candidate key %1 for %2 may have duplicate values.
spc0112 Item value %1 for control %2 must be Character or VarChar.
spc0115 Literal %1 truncated to %2 at line %3 column %4.
spc0122 Suggest specification in control %1 is not supported by this generator.
spc0129 Poor performance may be noticed if the first level is a repetitive group.
spc0130 Use accept rule with level for variable %1.
spc0131 Attribute %1 is a parameter. It should not be updated.
spc0132 Subtypes should be defined for %1 in Subtype Group %2 for formula %3 to avoid ambiguity.
spc0134 'Poor performance may be noticed%4 as %1 index %2 is not defined in Data view %3.'
spc0135 Order %1 of DataSelector %2 not used in group starting at line %3.
spc0136 Order %1 is a formula %2.
spc0140 This object cannot be specified as it has the GenerateObject property set to false.
spc0141 Rule %1 is deprecated.
spc0142 The value of %1 will be the same for all rows. No relationship found between attribute %1 and attributes in its expression %2.
spc0143 Property "%1" is write-only. It cannot be read.
spc0145 Calling stored procedure %1 in datastore %2 via the call keyword is deprecated.
spc0149 Condition %1 found in %2 does not evaluate to boolean.
spc0153 Unsupported expression %1 %2
spc0154 Group with OutputIfDetail attribute should have at least one child group with output %1.
spc0155 Group with Input clause uses non-instantiated attributes %1.
spc0156 Event %1 for control %2 is not defined.
spc0156  'Event %1 for control ''%2'' is not defined.'
spc0158 Rules %1 not included
spc0161 'Line %2. Attribute %1 should not be assigned. It has the Autogenerate property set to on.'
spc0164 Multiple lines cannot start before column %1.
spc0168 Control/object %1 not found/defined. Are you referencing a form control in a Business Component?
spc0169  '%1 argument to function ''%2'' only supports %3 with this generator.' - Se da en RPG/Cobol
spc0170 'Attribute %1 will be empty when the value of description attribute %2 does not exist in table %3.'
spc0171 'Prompt rule ''%1'' conflicts with previous prompt rule. Ignored.'
spc0172 Attribute %1 which is redundant in table %2 will not be updated
spc0180 Count' attribute ignored in element starting at row %1
spc0182 Cannot use associated Business Component ('<Transaction Name>')
spc0185 '%1''s contents will not be preserved between calls to %2.'
spc0187 Method %1 has no effect
spc0189 'Assignment rule ''%1'' has no effect.'
spc0190  'Rule ''%1'' has no effect.'