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GAM Permissions can be associated to a GAM User through GAM Roles or can be added to the user directly. The permissions added directly to the user have precedence over the others. See Permission Access Type for details.

In this paper we will see how to add (and delete) a Permission given to a User using the GAM API.

AddPermission Method of GAMUser Object


GAMUser.AddPermission(in:GAMPermission, out:GAMError Collection) : Boolean


In this example we add to the user the permission named "webpanel1_execute" with Permission Access Type = Allow .

The Permission to be added to the user needs to exist in any of the GAM Applications. First you need to define a GAMApplicationPermission type variable in order to get the GUID of the Permission.
Afterwards define a GAMPermission type variable using the GUID obtained and the ApplicationId of the GAM Application.

The AddPermission Method of GAMUser receives the GAMPermission object and returns a collection of GAMError, as shown in the following code:

//&PermissionGUID is GAMGUID Data Type.
//&GAMPermission is GAMPermission Type.
&GAMPermission.GUID = &PermissionGUID
&GAMPermission.ApplicationId = &ApplicationId
&GAMPermission.Type = GAMPermissionAccessType.Allow
//&User is GAMUser Type.

&IsOK = &User.AddPermission(&GAMPermission, &Errors)
if &IsOK

DeletePermissionById Method of GAMUser Object

Given the GAMUser object you can remove a permission by executing the DeletePermissionById GAMUser Method.
You need to have the GUID of the Permission (as explained in the example above), and a collection of GAMError will be returned.


GAMUser.DeletePermissionById(in:GAMKeyNumLong, in:GAMGUID, out:GAMError Collection) : Boolean


//&user is GAMUser Type.

&IsOK = &user.DeletePermissionById(&ApplicationId,&PermissionGUID,&errors)
if &IsOK
  msg("Permiso borrado con éxito")


  • There are other methods, like UpdatePermission and DeletePermission of GAMUser Object, with similar purposes.
  • The way to know the list of permissions added directly to the user is by executing the GetPermissions method of GAM User object. See Get GAM User Permissions for more information on this topic.

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