Windows 8 Application Developer License Registration Wizard

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The first time you execute a Windows 8 application on a Developer PC, a wizard to be registered as a Windows 8 applications developer must be completed.

If you're not registered on that PC, when the application is run (F5) from the IDE the following message is displayed:

“You do not have a registered Windows Developer License.
Calling Windows Developer License registration..”

...and the registration wizard is started. Please complete it in order to compile/run the application.

Step 1 Terms and conditions

Agree the terms and conditions.

W8 developer registration - step 1

Step 2 Sign in

Sign in with your Microsoft account. If you do not have one just register for free.

W8 developer registration - step 2

Step 3 Done

You are ready to create windows 8 applications!

W8 developer registration - step 3

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