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There are two possibilities for executing applications on 64-bit computers:

   1. Executing on a 32-bit (WOW) emulator within the 64-bit OS
   2. Executing directly on 64-bit
To execute on a 32-bit emulator, we must consider two things:
    - Compiling the application as a specific option, for which we configure in the properties of the model compiler flag = /platform:x86.
    - Installing an emulator like, for example, WOW (some OS already include the emulator and it is not necessary to install one).
For the case of execution on 64-bit, there are also two possibilities:
   2.1- WEB Applications
     We must compile with the framework (2.0 or greater), which is the only requirement as indicated by Microsoft
    There are some exceptions to consider in the application:
     2.1.a- There are three APIs for generating Exceldocument: Epplus, jakartapoi or GemBox.ExcelLite. Jakarta.poi is only 32-bits, and the other two may be run on 64.
    2.1.b- For generating reports reportviewer, we use rbuilder.dll, which is 32-bit
    2.1.c- Analogous for any other native dll, such as, for example, gxoffice2 which allowed interop with gxoffice.
    2.2- WIN Applications
   This is not possible because the jsharp 64-bit did not implement the WFC:
  WFC support: There is no support for Windows Foundation Classes (WFC). A 64-bit specific vjswfc*.dll is not part of the 64-bit versions of ... extracted from http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/3/B/53B4BFDE-610A-4F31-A76A-8F7EF066C2CC/JSharp_SE_readme.htm
   So, the only alternative with WIN applications is to compile them with the flag (/platform:x86) and execute them under an emulator.