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Patterns - OAV Pattern

It's an implementation of the OAV Pattern .

For a specific Transaction, this Pattern generates two new Transactions to define and store information at runtime without changing the DB.

OAV Pattern Instance

It is the Instance File of the pattern (XML file) associated to the TRN.

The file .OAV is an XML file that can be visualized in TreeView format and modified according to the user requirements. Its main properties are mentioned below.


It indicates the TRN you are working with.


It defines the transaction that defines the attributes to be stored for objects.

UseCategoryUsed to order the attributes when many attributes are expected


It defines the transaction that will store the values for these object's attributes.


It defines the Web Panel used to edit the values, by default is a Web Component.

Helper Objects

Procedures used to read/write the values of an object's attributes to/from the database.