Exception Handling in Genexus

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GeneXus provides a way to handle exceptions regarding database access via the Error_Handler command and Error_Handler rule.

A runtime exception can occur at any component or library used by the GeneXus application, operating system and so on. By default, the GeneXus generated code and GeneXus Standard Classes handle the standard exceptions associated to the components it uses. As errors can occur at almost any statement and they can occur for almost any reason; checking for all these errors becomes unbearably complex. The GeneXus philosophy follows these lines of thought regarding Exception handling, favoring the usage of return codes instead of using exception handling blocks such as try | catch | finally:

A Log api and the Exception_Handler rule can help you to alert someone about exceptions.

Based on the stack trace you can determine the source and location of the exception. If the code is related to a generated code you will need to report the case for further study, otherwise check the component documentation and error codes for a solution for the case.

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