Visual Studio Template Editor

Unofficial Content

Artech has built an add-in for Visual Studio .NET (Visual Studio 2003, 2005 or 2008) and that can be used to improve the user experience when editing templates.
In particular it supports intellisense (for methods, classes and parameters) as well as syntax highlighting and compiling the templates to check for errors.
The add-in is installed with Patterns Setup.
You can download the latest version here.


  • Always include the Import and Assembly directives in the template files. Although these directives can be "shared" between a template and its subtemplates, in order for Intellisense to work all the references must be included in each template.
  • Referenced assemblies must be available. The assemblies referenced by a template (and all the assemblies necessary for them to load) must be either in the same directory as the template or in the "Public Assemblies" folder (<Program Files>\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005\Common7\IDE\PublicAssemblies). It is recommended that they are copied either to the Public Assemblies folder or, together to the template files, to a separate directory.
  • Assemblies required by all patterns are: 
    • If you are using patterns with GX 9.0 
      • Artech.Patterns.Base.dll
      • GXKnowledgeBase.dll
      • TemplateHelpers.dll
      • PatternCommon.dll
    • If you are using patterns in GeneXus X
      • Artech.Architecture.Common.dll
      • Artech.Common.dll
      • Artech.Common.Helpers.dll
      • Artech.Common.Properties.dll
      • Artech.Genexus.Common.dll
      • Artech.Packages.Patterns.dll
      • Artech.Udm.Framework.dll
      • Artech.Template.Base.dll